1,000,000 on Space Invaders (Atari 2600)... My next goal

  1. 1,000,000 on Space Invaders (Atari 2600)... My next goal

    12-03-2002, 06:08 AM
    MKM - 03:08pm Aug 23, 2002 (#741 of 951)

    1,000,000 on Space Invaders (Atari 2600)... My next goal
    I'm on a bit of a roll with the Atari 2600, with 10 mil on Asteroids, and just recently broke 1 mil on Xenophobe.
    My next goal is to break 1 mil on Space Invaders. I have estimated that it will take between 15 and 17 hours, depending on how many Flying Saucers I can hit.

    As soon as I can get a copy of the cartridge, I will begin attempting this. I don't trust the emulator, as the avi file recorder does not always work properly.

    Wish me luck :)

    HermChase - 06:13pm Aug 23, 2002 (#208.1 of 951)

    Good Luck...
    ...you crazy, crazy man. ^_^ I know personally I could never do a marathon game, unless it was over several days and pausing a lot. I don't have that much concentration or energy (though I DO have the time). ;-) Plus, I need my eight hours of sleep! ^_^
    And, even if I managed to do a marathon, I could never do one only a WEEK after I finished a 33 hour one like you! o_O (Well, if you get the cartridge soon (er...tomorrow) it will be a week.)

    You are insane. =P

    gooch - 06:50pm Aug 23, 2002 (#208.2 of 951)

    Ron and I have kinda marathoned a few games comepting for High Scores - Though not spanning 1 time frame I prob played 10-12 hours of 2600 Gorf in 1 week - That was painful since each record attempt took over an hour after we broke 100K (and then 200K, etc.... :) - We did this on a few games and finally I got marathoned out!
    Good luck on space invaders - that is 1 game that can bore me to tears quickly!

    MrXanthis - 01:37am Aug 24, 2002 (#208.3 of 951)

    Rules for Marathons
    What are the rules governing a Marathon attempt? How many breaks are you allowed and how often?
    Im guessing the each game would have to be looked at differently. Asteriods for instantance does not stop play during each wave completed, unlike Yar's Revenge pauses every time you kill tha main dude.

    I ask this because I want to do a marathon on Yar's Revenge because I can crush this game without much effort scoring around 1 million points an hour, but want to clarify the rules before I go for Ron's current record of 12 million.

    This would be my first "record" attempt so it should be interesting to see how long I can last.


    John Drake

    gooch - 08:39am Aug 24, 2002 (#208.3.1 of 951)

    I believe breaks are not allowed in the sense of Yars Revenge where the game can be paused - YOu can walk away at anytime for a break as long as the action continues - but pasuing the game isn't allowed - Ron or Robert can tell you for sure.

    FirebrandX - 12:05pm Aug 24, 2002 (#208.3.2 of 951)

    Ron had told me something about 15 minutes per every 3 hours. For each stage between breaks, only 30 seconds of delay to start next stage.

    MKM - 03:54pm Aug 24, 2002 (# of 951)

    I have another question for Ron or Robert about the 3 hour/15 min rule; are players allowed to bank their breaks? For example, if I play 12 straight hours without taking a break, can I then take a break for 1 hour?

    RCorcoran - 01:44pm Aug 25, 2002 (# of 951)

    re: Banking breaks
    Traditionally, banking your breaks has not been allowed as it disrupts the flow of the game and violates the tenant of gameplay. However, due to health concerns for marathon games (any game which a player plays for 24 or more hours) this can be opened to the general public for discussion, with the understanding that the rules committee will have to make a final ruling. Personally, I am in favour of break banking strictly from a health and welfare perspective.


    MrXanthis - 02:04pm Aug 25, 2002 (#208.3.3 of 951)

    Is the offical rule then, that, you get 15min break for every 3 hours? so your giving 5 mins for every hour. I want to use 8 hour tapes so that would be a 40 min break at the end of each tape.
    If break banking for marathon attempts is OK then could I get an offical ruling on this before I play?

    I would like to see 40 min break for every 8 hours based on tape time.

    Thanks everyone for your input on this.

    John Drake

    RMRUCZEK - 08:28pm Aug 25, 2002 (# of 951)

    Hello all:
    I am currently awaiting some re-confirmation on the banked breaks issue from my fellow rules committee members and will post when we are in consensus.

    One of the related issues applies to mostly newer titles...the "Pause" issue. Specific rules for this will also be posted once they are agreed upon.


    Robert T Mruczek Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee Star Wars classic arcade champion rmruczek@doremus.com (work E-MAIL)


    RMRUCZEK - 08:28pm Aug 25, 2002 (#208.4 of 951)

    QUITE the Goal !!
    Hello Mike:
    My personal unrecorded best I remember to be approx 9 hours and 782K. My current PPH ratio is much faster, but risks certain doom. A more methodical and slower approach lessens risk of death, and allows 1,030 per stage as opposed to 630 or 830 points.

    Still, this is one of those games where you can easily zone out from the non-stop "trump trump trump trump" sounds.

    Best wishes when you go for this one. It goes a bit beyond physical endurance...this one is definitely a challenge to keep your wits about yourself. Honestly, I never get landed on...I always get hit by the 1st enemy.

    Robert T Mruczek Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee Star Wars classic arcade champion rmruczek@doremus.com (work E-MAIL)


    FirebrandX - 01:55pm Aug 26, 2002 (#208.4.1 of 951)

    Robert & Ron:
    Just wanted to let you guys know that Guinness allows banking of breaks for all marathon attempts of those records. You might could consider this aspect in your discussions.
    Also, I've noticed some of the TG database records give a ranking of 2nd place to the 3rd guy when 2 people are tied for 1st. I found out that all sporting and record events never give 2nd place to the 3rd guy. They have it as 1st for the tied people and then it jumps to 3rd for the 3rd guy.
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