The 90% Rule - FINAL

  1. The 90% Rule - FINAL

    12-03-2002, 06:12 AM
    RMRUCZEK - 09:10am Aug 15, 2002 (#707 of 951)

    The 90% Rule - FINAL
    Hello fellow gamers:
    So you know, the previous "90% rule" which is clearly stated in the 1st Book of Records is officially not applicable to time-based games. That much is not only stated by senior referee Ron Corcoran's last thread, but is quite obvious.

    Egregious case in point..."FireFighter" for the Atari 2600...the world record is 7 seconds, with teh 2nd best at 8 seconds.

    It is absolutely impossible to prove this one at even 99.999% without tying the world record, and anyone that knows the game would know this.

    Therefore, logically, in time-based scores, the lower the score, the less simple the "90% rule" theory becomes, thus the less practical.

    That being said, know that prior to the 2nd Book of Records being prepared, the "rules" for challenged scores will be thoroughly reviewed and amended to factor in time-based games as well as whether 90% is too little.

    As for the current record under the microscope, please allow senior TG officials to perform "due diligence" so as to maintain the integrity of the database. I assure you that everyone will be advised as to the outcome as soon as the process is completed.

    Robert T Mruczek Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee Star Wars classic arcade champion (work E-MAIL)


    JoeyL21988 - 04:40pm Aug 21, 2002 (#204.1 of 951)

    I think it should just be put on a "case by case" basis. ^_^

    RMRUCZEK - 08:44pm Aug 21, 2002 (#204.1.1 of 951)

    Hello JoeyL21988:
    Yes, there will definitely be exceptions, and in many cases some adjustments. After all, depending on the number of digits in the game, and the nature of the game, we have to be open to special circumstances. Take Ms Pacman for example...there is NO WAY that Chris Ayra, or any of the top players, can intentionally match or pass their records. And in the case of "Crystal Castles" and especially classic "Pole Position", having the top players on each break their scores is next to impossible.

    Robert T Mruczek Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee Star Wars classic arcade champion (work E-MAIL)
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