ATARI 5200: JOUST New Record!?

  1. ATARI 5200: JOUST New Record!?

    12-03-2002, 06:21 AM
    voltman3 - 03:28pm Jan 19, 2001 (#200 of 951)

    ATARI 5200: JOUST New Record!?
    First of all. I want to say, I'm glad I've found this site, and enjoy reading the "Classic Forum" posts most of all. It's great there are so many people still into the early platforms. Also, my congrats to Pitfall Harry, Ron Corcoron Robert Mruczek and the rest of you for acheiving achievingOME scores!
    Well, I've come back to retro-gamimetro-gamingalled that when we started, was it?) and have recently reaquired required0. VCRolecovision is on the way too, and I will try to rebuild collections for those systems once again. Man, am I sorry I got ride of my old ones! :( Then hopefully, with a lot of practice! (I suck @ the 2600) I will join some of you experts on the other scoreboardscore boards.r got rid of my "5200", but it did spend some time in the closet and unplayable (bad CX52s), but I kept the faith and couldn't part with it. It is my main system right now. Anyway, after a little practice and getting my VCR setup to record it. I finally got my 5200 Joust score off to Ron for verification. He said, it's a keeper @ 6,037,800. So, for any 5200 Joust fans that may be out there. Here's a few tidbits about my game & things that helped me out. First, I played for several months on Expert only! The gameplay is so much faster, you will learn to be too. Stay away from Pterry, he's 1 Onery & quick Dude! What comes after Wave 99? (around 1.2M) Well, Wave "0" comes on & stays, until the end of the game. I stay to the rightside of the screen and use the top to bounce off of. Use it properly & you can clear Waves in killer time. Of course, try to pick up all eggs, to avoid new hatchlings. Also, use a good working, but loose controller, my CX52 has a worn out rubber boot, but it seems to allow fast, easy & precise control. Finally, all I can say is, Practice - Joust is mostly timing. It was a real hoot to land a good score, with the Diff Lev set at Skilled. The game lasted 4 hours and was killing me, so I was glad to end it! I guess, my next real attempt will be to turn it over, but I guess-timate that will take 9-10 hours and don't look forward to it for that reason. Well, that about wraps it up for my game and pointers on 5200 Joust.

    Keep up the good work and submit those killer scores. PLAY ON! Special thanks, to RON C.

    Charles Guinn - voltman3 P.S. See My 5200 Site @

    RMRUCZEK - 07:33pm Jan 19, 2001 (#77.1 of 951)

    Congrats !!
    Hello Charles:
    Awesome score on Joust !! You know that it must be your mission to be the first to turn over that platform version. Go for it.

    So you know, a few times a year various classic console-based "decathalons" are held, and any & all participants are invited. They are a grueling composite of ten titles, with a 60-day period from contest beginning to end. In the past, many titles involved had their previous records totally obliterated in the process. The competition is fierc...and FUN !! I look foward to seeing your name in the participant list in the next decathalon competition.

    Take a look at Ron's "Snipercade" site to catch the results of the previous years' console decathalons and you'll see what I mean.

    Can't wait to compete ? Ron has a "Console Challenge of the Month" every single month...this month is "Dragonfire" for the Atari (1) life only. He has the contest specs listed on the Snipercade site too. Check 'em out. These challenges are usually geared towards a fast-paced game, meaning LOTS of attempts in a short period of time, and each contest has a one month window.

    Give this one a shot...and send Ron your suggested titles for future monthly console challenges on classic systems (Atari, Inty, CV, etc)

    Talk to you later, and congrats again on Joust

    Robert T Mruczek Star Wars champion

    voltman3 - 07:54pm Jan 28, 2001 (#77.1.1 of 951)

    Thanks, Robert.
    First, I don't know why, but the top of my post got a little messed up! To clear that up here it is again: I recently reaquired a VCS/2600 and the Colecovision from Ron, is here! Yee Haw! :)
    So, right now I don't have to many 2600 games! However, I will be on the lookout for em, so I can join in on the fun!

    Nope! I didn't notice the "Console Challenge of the Month" on Ron's site, I guess I'll need to look again. I guess competing in the Deca's (for me) will have to be postponed for a while, until I can rebuild my game libraries up once again.

    It all sounds like a lot of fun tho' and I can't wait to join in, so I'll do my best to get busy! :)

    Well, see you around & thanks again, Rob.

    Charles Guinn - voltman3

    PS: Check out the new 2600 Robot Tank score. Congrats to my good buddy, Geo.

    RMRUCZEK - 10:06am Jan 29, 2001 (# of 951)

    I Know...Awesome !!
    Hello Charles:
    Your friend's "Robot Tank" score is officially the highest anyone has seen. I had previously spotted an unofficial 75 on a database which includes unverified scores, but that could have been bogus. Your bud's 74 is tops in my book.

    Having reached 68 myself, I know how difficult the climb to 74 must have been.

    Can you please ask your friend what happens to the game speed once you clear the 72nd tank ? I am most curious.

    Also, several months back, many 2600 players were exchanging ideas on what the next challenges on the 2600 should be. One of them that I suggested that for someone to get 72 or over on "Robot Tank", as it is one of the few Activision titles that has a threshold award associated to that specific number of tanks destroyed. I am glad someone finally managed to do it, and beyond.

    Nice to see new faces on the 2600 scoreboard. Keep those records coming.

    Oh...the console of the month challenge...Robot Tank might very well be one of the challenges within the coming two months, so ask your friend to keep his eyes posted to Ron's site. The challenge will be how far can you get one ONE (1) Tank !!

    Talk to you soon.

    Robert T Mruczek Star Wars champion

    gooch - 02:42pm Jan 29, 2001 (# of 951)

    Autographed Combat Cart
    You want to put up the 'Autographed Combat Cart' up for grabs for whoever gets 75 tanks ;)

    voltman3 - 10:21pm Feb 04, 2001 (# of 951)

    I did Robert.
    Robert, I dropped a line to Geo aiming him over here to the "TG Classic Game Forum". So keep your eyes open, for the info on Robot Tank.
    He is a real Atarian, and great trader, so I am sure he will join us soon.

    See you all later, Charles - V3
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