Perfect Pitfall Game on Atari 2600

  1. Perfect Pitfall Game on Atari 2600

    12-03-2002, 06:22 AM
    PitfallHarry - 01:21am Dec 02, 2000 (#136 of 951)

    Perfect Pitfall Game on Atari 2600
    Hi guys,
    I got a late start tonight, but eventually stopped surfing and played 2600 Pitfall. After a few re starts, I got a perfect score and a perfect game. 114,000, no lives lost, 3 seconds remaining. I never planned to get a perfect game, just a perfect score.

    By not dying or making any mistake, I lost a few more seconds in finishing time, but mostly because I just took my time and stayed on 3-4 vines for 2 swings to make damn sure that this game did not end in tragedy - like all too many by myself and Robert Mruczek have.

    I hope that I am the first to make / record a perfect score, other than possibly creator David Crane. Robert, on and I believe that I probably am - or at least as of 11/30.

    I'll be writing an article on the Perfect Pitfall in the December 20 issue of Today's Heroes Video game metro Times. In this article, I'll probably acknowelege:

    Ron / Steve for getting us to play this game, via the NV/2600 2000 deca, Robert Mruczek for lots of inspiration, as well as to document his preferred path to take, Robert Macauley for being the first to get all 32 treasure. Also if Robert has a different path to share. Tim Roach for discussing Pitfall (listening to me ramble) at work this week, thus I did pursue a sequence of precise maneuvers to increase my time remaining (thus 38 seconds in my 113,998 game). Myself of course, as I am now Pitfall Harry - well at least I was on Halloween 1999 - see Retro Times issue in October 1999. I'll also document my path (going 90% left). My wife, Kathy, for putting up with this, but she was also rooting for me to finish first - ie to stop playing this game and come back to my family, and also to beat Robert, since he has more free time than us married-with-children types.

    Finally, if anyone else has rcorded a perfect score, please let us know.

    RMRUCZEK - 05:18pm Dec 03, 2000 (#58.1 of 951)

    Congratulations for the "Perfect" !!
    Let me to be among the many well-wishers on your perfect achievement. We all know how every button press is critical over the twenty minute period, so this is a testimony to perseverance.

    Who would have guessed that it would take a recent Atari/CV Decathalon to spur on so many scores that topped the previous recognized high, let alone a perfect ? This score is a direct result of good-spirited competition, perseverance and dedication.

    And I am personally happy that in your posting above you mentioned me as providing some inspiration. It was Robert Macauley that inspired me throughout the Atari/CV competition, as he was the first to actually get all 32 treasures on record.

    You and I definitely have different patterns, as you indicated that 90% of the time you headed left. I do the exact opposite, so probably have more jumping to deal with, due to the barrels. I was always reluctant to head left mainly because of the gators.

    But your fastest finishing time of 38 seconds is astounding. I still haven't bested my 21 second finish. It will be interesting if, when the TG book comes out, there will be a footnote of your fastest finishing time as well, as that in itself is another record.

    I can see why you had a perfect game with just a few seconds don't want to mess it up when you are so close. The extra vine swings are crucial when the logs are out of synch.

    I'll bet you breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when you successfully traversed the last ladder going down, which is usually my personal nemesis in this title.

    Someday soon I'll put the cart back in and try for a perfect myself, but you will always be recognized as the first one to get 114K. Now, take a well-deserved break from've earned it !!

    It would also be nice if Activision was still around to recognize the recent interest in their title. That would really be something.

    Robert T Mruczek Star Wars champion

    PitfallHarry - 11:02pm Dec 12, 2000 (#58.2 of 951)

    Pitfall! path of choice
    There is no way to play this game all the way through while looking at a map. But, feel free to ask me for my MS-Excel or MS-Word map.
    Once you know where to go, you only want very simple information telling your where to go or just memorize the path.

    This is all that I have taped to the TV screen when playing Pitfall!

    I'm having a hard time getting this to show up right.

    The formatting gets screwed up. So, their are 3 instructions at a time. The first is the Direction you travel. The second is your score when you do the next action. The 3rd tells what tunnel to take, or if you need to reverse directions.

    So, read this 3 items at a time.

    Right 6K 1st Left Left 8K 1st Left Right 13K, reverse Left 2nd Left Left 33K 1st Left Left 69K 1st Left Right 71K, reverse Left Left 110K 1st Left Right 114K

    Neat how David Crane made it the 1st Left tunnel every time, except where you reverse directions.

    Now, as far as I can tell, this is Robert Mruczek's path. It is essentially the same path, but going Right, whereas I go Left.

    Robert's pattern is:

    Right 6K 1st Right Right 10K reverse Left 1st Right Right 51K reverse Left 1st Right Right 87K 1st Right Right 107K 1st Right Right 112K reverse Left 1st Right Right 114K

    This path sounds much simpler as each tunnel is the 1st left. But, as Robert will warn, there are several rooms with rolling logs that you must jump as you enter the screen. Robert has then memorized, and I believe that he may have posted information about them.


    Pitfall Harry.

    bryguy12 - 08:59am Jan 08, 2001 (#58.3 of 951)

    perfect pitfall on 2600
    Congrats on your "official" perfect score. However, in the mid eighties my friend and I did the same thing, only we were teenages at the time and didn"t know about TG. There are some of us who have a different approach to Pitfall, though. With my old map I made back in 1984, I began playing Pitfall like a madman. Sorry to say this but your "path" is not the quickest. It may appear to be, but the rythem of the game is compromised with this path. Timing of vines, etc. I'm sending a video to TG which shows a perfect game (114,000 pts., 2 men left with 45 sec's remaining. I also have a video with a perfect game with 114,000 pts., 2 men left with 59 sec's remaining, but I'll keep that one for now. I want to see how fierce the compitition gets. On the highscore charts that are posted for Pitfall, there should be a listing for a persons time also. I have a feeling there's more of us out here who can get a perfect score. So how about posting times also?

    Your friend in the jungle...

    Bryan Wagner

    Hector - 11:23am Jan 08, 2001 (#58.3.1 of 951)

    there are faster paths.
    I remember playing and getting 109-111k and having about 3 minutes left. I played for time, so I fell down all the holes. I also went left most of the game. I did all this when I was about 11-12 years old.

    RCorcoran - 11:20pm Jan 08, 2001 (#58.3.2 of 951)

    re: perfect pitfall on 2600
    Are you sending your tape to me? I ask as I am the Worldwide Editor for all Atari platforms and am the one who will verify any claims on Atari. You can, however, send your tape to Walter, but a copy needs to come to me as well.

    Regarding your suggestion for tracking times, that sounds like a great idea. I can add a spot in the database for time remaining for perfect scores only.

    Head over to if you want to see up-to-date, official, TG certified Atari scores. This is the home for the Atari scoreboards until Walter and company get the TG database completed.

    ||| Ron Corcoran
    ||| Twin Galaxies Atari & Intellivision Worldwide Editor
    / | \
    / | \

    bryguy12 - 08:22am Jan 09, 2001 (# of 951)

    sending tape
    I am going to send it to the address on the bottom of the Official Sumission Form. It's:

    Attn: Scoreboard Twin Galaxies 2000 155th Str. Fairfield, IA 52556

    Don't know who will get it, but the form says to mail it there. If this is incorrect, let me know.


    RCorcoran - 09:00am Jan 10, 2001 (# of 951)

    re: sending tape
    For coin-op and pinball, that is the correct place to send submissions. However, for Atari and Intellivision, please refer to the bottom of for the correct mailing address.



    bryguy12 - 10:38am Jan 10, 2001 (# of 951)

    Ok, I'll send it there.

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