Doom 64 - Major Records Set !!

  1. Doom 64 - Major Records Set !!

    12-03-2002, 06:39 AM
    RMRUCZEK - 11:19pm Nov 04, 2002 (#2657 of 2660)

    Doom 64 - Major Records Set !!
    Hello fellow gamers:
    One of the best home console players from the Canadian area has pretty much sweeped the "Doom 64" records for the N64 system.

    Martin Bedard, a major participant in last year's "Doom 64" and "Crazy Taxi" competitions, and the world record holder on "New Tetris" among other titles, furthered his dominance of the "Doom 64" title with some truly awesome achievements and records. I watched the last of them the other night and finished logging the results into the database moments ago.

    Among Martin's most awesome records at "TGTS" settings are...

    -> 2:20 on "Hardcore", perhaps the toughest overall challenge in the entire game

    -> 1:52 on "Dark Entries", the stage with the largest concentration of Arachnotrons

    -> 0:36 on "Hectic", the most compact and yet challenging level of all, and only the most skilled players can even complete this one.

    These records and others are hotly contested between master "Doom 64" players Martin Bedard, Wolff King Morrow and Matthew Leto, and the records have changed hands several times since last summer. With Martin's latest verified submissions, the bar has been set even higher.

    Congratulations to Martin Bedard on a job well done. Check out his scores on the database and see how close you can come under the special "Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings", which are not for the meek, I assure you !!

    Robert T Mruczek Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee Star Wars classic arcade champion (work E-MAIL)
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