What is official procedure for challenging a score(s)?

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  1. What is official procedure for challenging a score(s)?

    12-03-2002, 06:48 AM
    Jon2001 - 03:17pm Sep 24, 2002 (#111 of 117)

    What is official procedure for challenging a score(s)?
    Please let me know.

    RMRUCZEK - 05:31pm Sep 24, 2002 (#52.1 of 117)

    Basics...Ron to Follow Up
    Hello Jon2001:
    You can check previous message threads for the last official rules, but basically...

    -> The player challenging the score must be a contender (see very last paragraph however, in this reply, after reading all of the format rules)

    -> The player must alert the proper Twin Galaxies officials in writing (yes, this includes E-MAIL), and give valid reasons as to why.

    Reasons such as "I've played the game for weeks and can only get so much" are by themselves insufficient. I recommend voicing your opinion in words to the best of your ability.

    -> Any relevant supporting technical or tactical gameplay information is accepted and will definitely be acknowledged.

    -> The TG official is obligated to perform "due diligence" with the facts and materials at hand, inclusive of finding the original score documentation and backup from the TG archives, and contacting the originating gamer as needed.

    -> Under current TG guidelines, which are now under review by the Rules Committee, gamers have a comfortable period of time of one year from date of challenge, which effectively begins when they are informed by TG of the challenge when you think about it, to re-perform their score or it may be removed from the database.

    This applies to non-pinball point-based scores primarily, and we do hold time-based scores in a different light. However, both categories will be adequately addressed in our revised score challenge procedures which, when the Rules Committee is done, will be posted for all to see.

    Ron, if anything needs to be added, please do so as I could very well have left out an important piece.

    Robert T Mruczek Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee Star Wars classic arcade champion rmruczek@doremus.com (work E-MAIL)
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