Strangest Game Idea Ever ?

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  1. Strangest Game Idea Ever ?

    02-23-2003, 03:50 AM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    This one might interest you.

    A few years back, I read of a hand-held craze in Japan that involved linked hand-held units and the game was based on the fighting genre as follows...

    Gamers took the barcode labels off various products and scanned them into their handheld device which calculated some form of monster, in terms of stats, and the two gamers "fought" based on what their barcode monsters could do.

    As the story goes, supermarket owners all across Japan were horrified to learn that apparently, one particular brand of food had a label which generated an extremely strong monster stat, and gamers all over were ripping the labels off the cans WITHOUT buying them !!

    Not sure if this was called "Barcode Monsters" or not, but you have to admit the concept is both clever and strange.

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