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  1. 05-26-2003, 04:47 PM
    Thanks for the input guys.

    It looks like we'll be using the Hi8 format tapes which tape about 30 minutes longer. If anyone needs any extra VHS-C tapes, let me know. I'll have them with me.
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    05-26-2003, 05:48 PM
    I should have mentioned what my setup is earlier. But here it is just in case you are interested in trying to do the same thing.

    1) I have a power strip. Outlets are few and far between (at least unused ones).
    2) I have a tripod to hold the camera.
    3) I have a Hi-8mm camcorder I mount on the tripod.
    4) I have the AC plug in so I don't have to worry about batteries that die in mid-game. (thus the nice part of having your own power strip).
    5) I have a portable 9" TV/VCR combo with remote control.

    I run cables from the camcorder to the TV/VCR. I take any tapes out of the camcorder. (If you leave a tape in the camcorder and leave it on for over 15 minutes or so without actually recording on it, the camcorder automatically shuts down. So this is very important.) I then make sure that the TV/VCR shows my picture from the camcorder. I then just throw in a tape which will record 8 hours on SLP mode and hit record. Sure it's larger and a pain in the butt to carry but I don't need to change multiple tapes.

    I suppose you could do the same thing with a regular VCR in place of my TV/VCR combo. However you would not be able to verify what EXACTLY you are recording. My Hi-8mm camcorder is a Sharp model and that has a built in LCD display to show what the camera sees. My TV/VCR combo remote control comes in handy to be able to hit record or to make sure the thing is in SLP mode without needing to crawl back into whatever corner I end up sticking the thing. I've been fairly lucky to have a missing machine next to Tapper every year so I get a bit of spare room.
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