[i]Crazy Party New World Record![/i]

  1. [i]Crazy Party New World Record![/i]

    06-21-2003, 02:03 PM
    Hello Robert!
    I will be sending the ribbon of video with the writing of the record in this monday. The ribbon contains 1h:30 approximately. You it will be able to see all the frustrate attempts before obtaining to carry through the record. In a special attempt, I made all practically perfect, but unhappyly I lost the control of taxi after to catch the last passenger, would go to make the incredible time of 57 seconds! But I am happy on behalf of the Metroid Team for the carried through record of 00:59:87 already in the finish attempts.
    Greetings for all Twingalaxies family and all the players.

    Cristiano "Party" Assump??o
    Metroid Team Member - Brazil
    Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 World Champion
  2. Congratulations

    06-21-2003, 02:27 PM
    Hello Cristiano

    AWESOME, congratulations for the great record Cristiano, I always believed that you would get the record, now Carlos needs to play Crazy Attack and me Crazy Jump, can have like this 3 of 5 Crazy Bounties, but just with your record, all can already see the power of the Metroid Team. Congratulations again.

    Rodrigo Lopes
    Metroid Team Member
    Crazy Taxi 2 and Wacky Races World Champion
  3. Congratulations !!

    06-22-2003, 05:41 PM
    Hello Christiano:

    My congratulations to you for being the first claimant of a "Crazy Bounty" !!

    I had a feeling that this one would be the first to fall, and I was right.

    Can't wait to see this one and post the breaking news and resultant record.

    Okay...upon verification, you have five (5) choices for payment...

    -> Personal check made payable to you
    -> US Internation Postal Money Order
    -> Bank cashier's cheque
    -> Bank-issued international money order
    -> Western Union cash transfer

    I am thinking that perhaps the Western Union would be the fastest, but you make the final call.

    As indicated in the contest rules, payments will be issued sixty (60) days from receipt of the submitted, verified, claimed "Bounty". And, once verified, no other gamer can claim that "Bounty" again, although everyone is eligible as usual to submit performances to Twin Galaxies for world record consideration.

    So, congratulations once again. I look foward to receiving your tape, and will post on this forum when the tape is received and verified.

    Best wishes and regards,

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