Going away...

  1. Going away...

    07-11-2003, 08:41 PM
    With the Deca2003 scoreboard updated for the final time, there will probably be a few debates to watch.

    Alas, I won't be around for a bit to see them.

    (Note that many of you will probably say something along the lines of "Hey, no loss!", but those of you...:p )

    Tomorrow I move out of my parents house.

    We won't have cable turned on for a while, meaning no Internet for a while either. I know, sucks majorly, but oh well. The only way to get in touch with me is to get in touch with someone I know IRL, which would be Russell Archey, and he can drop me a line at work. I'll get my phone turned on hopefully by next week, but I don't know about cable just yet.

    I do ask for all the luck that can be spared, since this will be my embarking on a journey of self discovery, self indulgence, and self cliche...if that makes any sense...BAH!

    See you guys eventually!
    - Jeffrey "J.D." Lowe
    Anything that I have written on or after 3/3/11 does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Twin Galaxies International.
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  2. My contact info

    07-16-2003, 05:48 PM
    For anyone who needs to get in touch with J.D. until his internet is set up again, you can email me at Scyther879@yahoo.com and I'll relay it to J.D. whenever I seem him. You can also IM me on AOL IM. My SN is RA879.

    Russell Archey
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