Crazy Jump - Trying Hard !!

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  1. Crazy Jump - Trying Hard !!

    07-29-2003, 02:12 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    Some important info to share.

    A few of you have 400 yards possible ? Answer...YES !!

    Now, I am not sure how, but to date I have heard at least two unsubstantiated reports of 400 yard jumps, one via screenshot only, and a third was on the summer 2001 video submission by Hadley Rones of England, his score a hair over 400.

    I suggested during the summer 2001 competition, at some point, that perhaps the same technique used in "Crazy Flag" could be applied here, meaning picking up speed while coasting along the rails. Not only have I yet to do this effectively in this event, but it makes coming straight off the ramp tough.

    The 180 degree turn in the "Jump" mini-event was originally discovered by Dave Cramer in the CT2 competition, but it could be applied to CT1. Since it was banned for CT2, I also banned it for both CT1 and CT3 jump-events.

    One technique not yet explored would be bouncing your car off the barrier walls, I should mention, though I have yet to come even close to doing this.

    Oh yes...speed. MOST gamers will report that the highest speed they can attain is 155. Well, after watching thousands of jumps and events, literally thousands (and probably over 10,000 since it started), I have seen a couple of 156's, I think a 157 once, never a 158 or 159, and once & once only did I see a 160/161...couldn't tell for sure even in slow-mo, but coming off that ramp does some weird things to your speedometer. You should see it in "Crazy Flag" !!

    Now for some facts for the CT1 jump...

    -> Most used cab is Axel
    -> Least used cab is Gena
    -> Nobody uses the rickshaw for this event
    -> Highest speed witnessed on take-off - 160/161
    -> Best jumps, on average, have nose up to some degree
    -> Highest average jump maintained - Hadley Rones (370-375)
    -> Least button pressings to achieve 360+ yards - NINE (9), which treats drive+accelerate as 2, and reverse as 1
    -> Most gamers opt not to "back up" for extra distance

    These are my best observations from watching dozens of hours of this event (all gamers and myself combined). Hope this helps !!

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