VERIFIED - Two New "Craz Jumps" !!

  1. VERIFIED - Two New "Craz Jumps" !!

    10-20-2003, 05:11 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    I have only a few minutes this evening so will post the fastest score updates.

    At this moment, Ryan Clark who hails from Indiana in the USA is the highest verified "Crazy Jump" record holder, with an awesome leap of 388.61 yards !!

    Not too far behind, also verified, is a 382.12 yards jump by none other than Rodrigo Lopes, who hails from Brazil and is a member of the world famous "Metroid Team".

    In the wings are two (2) stellar jumps in the 382-384 range from Todd Rogers and his son, Chad. One more jump I am aware of looms...and it's another good one. Still waiting for it to arrive.

    Amazingly, back in June of 2001, the highest jump verified was 378 yards, and now, that is the 3rd highest verified jump, and will soon be the 6th !! Oh yes...I am forgetting to factor in the highest jump from the CGE...once the score update feature is back up I will start cranking scores in again.

    That's it for today...gotta run. One day a year I need to leave early.

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