1. 382.88

    10-10-2003, 08:33 PM
    Tonight I fired up Crazy Taxi just for fun and jumped 382.88yds... with no proof.

    I would think and introduction is necessary as this is my first post ever to the Twin Galaxies forum. My name is Ryan Clark, an avid gamer for life, but terrible at Crazy Taxi. This game has always collected dust in my DC collection as it has proven to be a bit too difficult for me in the past. However, after discovering Twin Galaxies about a year ago I have had a fire to find something that I could try and set a record in.

    Only a few weeks ago did I discover that Robert had posted the "bounty" challenges including a staggering 400yd Crazy Jump. As my best at that time was a dismal 326+, I assumed there was a "trick" that everyone knew but me. After reading everyone's posts, it's clear everyone is in the same boat with this challenge which encouraged me to give it a try in hopes I'd be the lucky one in the Crazy Jump lottery.

    I managed steadily improve after seeing what had been working for others and managed two 350+ jumps which I felt were amazing, but obviously no where close to all of you. I figured there was no point in setting up a VCR until I approached the 370+ range that has been reported here.

    For whatever reason, things went a little differently tonight then they ever had before. Fast. Right away, on my very first jump the car "bucked" as Robert describes and I seemed to go higher than I ever had before. My heart leaped in hopes I had something special. When I landed, it was merely 303+. Seems the car had more up in the jump then out. Then came the second jump. Same story, but the jumped so high I honestly thought I was going to hit the ceiling. I saw the distance indicator flying by and when I landed... 382.88. Just like that. Two jumps and I had bested my own record by almost 30yds and nearly everything that has been reported thus far.

    With no proof beyond taking a screenshot, I'll share what I remember in hopes of helping all of you. Unfortunately, in addition to no tape, I had not enabled the speedometer because I obviously had no idea I would regret it later. It had to have been at least 155 as I've jumped at that speed before, but never as far. What I do know is this: First, I used Axel's cab based on the success posted in these forums. Second, I did not back up at the start. I accelerated from the start over the intial dip before hitting my second speed up. I held it until redlining before speed up #3 right before hitting the bottom of the ramp. The key was my last speed up which occurred at the bottom of the ramp as it begins to turn up. It accelerated hard up toward the lip of the ramp and bucked up towards the ceiling. These last two accelerations happened very close together, very quickly.

    That's all I can recall. Obviously, my VCR is now hooked up to the TV and will be on every time I think about trying a jump "just for fun". My hope with this terribly long post is to encourage everyone out there to give this challenge a try regardless of your skill. The one piece of proof I've shown tonight is that a little bit of luck goes a long way in Crazy Jump.

  2. Congratulations !!

    10-13-2003, 02:56 PM
    Hello Ryan:

    I got your private message indicating that you captured on tape a jump of 388.61 yards. I'm not surprised...although this event does involve some luck, it's more like 75% skill and 25% luck, maybe even 80/20 or beyond, until someone starts averaging 380+ per jump, and then we'll know it's fully skill.

    There are four active jumpers now...yourself, Rodrigo Lopes, Todd Rogers and his son Chad Rogers, and Martin Bedard of Canada...and I guess a few others who have yet to announce themselves.

    Keep at it...the threshold seems so close and is yet so far...but I have faith that sooner or later one gamer will snag the honours of being the world's first verified 400+ yard jumper.

    If you consider that the average player attempts the jump maybe 50-100 times, and the serious ones anywhere from a few hundred to (in my case) a lot more than that, I'd say that there are been several thousand jump attempts, easily, already submitted to TG for verification, and of those, only a small handful have passed the 380 yard mark. So achieving 400+ is no small feat indeed.

    Once again, congratulations on an AWESOME jump !! I do so look foward to verifying the score.

  3. 10-14-2003, 09:59 AM

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. It is disappointing, but certainly not surprising that my latest jump has already been eclipsed. However, I am enjoying the friendly competition and am sure the first official 400+yd jump will be announced very soon. Good luck to everyone!

  4. More Jumping !!

    10-15-2003, 01:50 PM
    Hello Ryan:

    On a whim, I hooked up my Sega DC for a few minutes late last evening when I woke up (couldn't sleep too well), and surprisingly pulled off a 370.3x jump on my 1st attempt...not my best, but close. Couldn't come close again, however, and only had a few minutes of tries before I started to get tired again. I'll give this another go soon enough...just lots on my plate right now between work and TG.

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