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  1. Post your personal Progress Reports!

    01-23-2004, 09:38 AM
    Don't know if this will catch on but it's worth a try.

    Just post which games your trying to get bounties on and what your current progress with the game is. This topic is also a good way to see who's going after what and perhaps we can get a little competitive blood mixing around. :D

    As for myself...

    Blaster Master

    -I can beat the game but I'm still having some difficulties with some of the bosses, namely the crab. Once I get everything sorted I expect this game to be beaten in around 30-45 minutes (my estimation may be off but meh).

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors

    -I have to borrow the system from one friend and the game from another but at least I can participate in this.:)

    I'm taking things one level at a time and trying to perfect my game in 10 level increments. I've just finished studying the first 10 levels and I eagerly await working on levels 11-20. Currently I can easily make it through levels 1-10 with all victims saved, maximum lives aquired and approx. 115,000 points (well stocked on ammo and supplies...also having full health and approx. 10 first aid kits to spare). Overall I'm pleased although it's still only the beginning.
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