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  1. 04-01-2004, 10:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by DaviL
    Ah, a little question for all players:
    How many of you can have a decent bagman score without never watch marp N1 Robert Raiford ???
    Probably would have gotten nowhere... hate it so much :twisted: .
    Martin Bedard

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  2. 04-01-2004, 11:46 PM
    1 thing more. Donald do you watch my inp for crbaloon? If not then watch it. I have some easiest method for some passages.
  3. 04-02-2004, 02:47 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by DaviL
    Ah, a little question for all players:
    How many of you can have a decent bagman score without never watch marp N1 Robert Raiford ???
    I was struggling to get just 30K before I watched it. I doubt I would have performed better if I did not either. :(

    However, after I saw the inp I started to find out things about the style of play that I would never have picked up from just watching. The inp was certainly the trigger to give the boost, credit where credit's due.
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  4. 04-02-2004, 12:06 PM
    >My one
    problem is: two demons on last stage.

    This is the difficulty of the game.
    Without the demons I have no problem reach 3 millions (see my makaimug inp, 1,6M with 1 life).

    For bagman: before watch Robert inp, in the past I scored only 60.000 pts.....
  5. INPs

    04-02-2004, 03:17 PM
    Hello all:

    Like Greg Erway, I watched very few INPs this performance.

    Mappy - Greg and I exchanged INPs, yet I used none of his patterns. My own patterns are, how shall we say, unique. I sacrifice points for a very laid-back safe that is until something goes wong in stages 12-14 at the very beginning, as I stink at improv on this title so far.

    Crazy Balloon and Spectar - by default I had to watch Joe's 100K file when he made the bounty, and I watched a few INPs from Anders and I think Donald, but opted not to play that one again in the deca as a result. Besides, I knew what to do, I just reeked at doing it. As for Spectar, I watched Rafal's bounty INP as well as Martin's 98K, and promised not to use their tactics, so did not play any more of this title for the deca.

    GnG - I did see a download of how the cave-leech trick works, but never quite pulled it off, thus my relatively modest 191K score in which I milked the heck out of level 1. But in truth I wanted to finally see someone pass a complete sequence, just to know what happens.

    Tempest - Richard Marsh showed me his score that he was very proud of, and of course I watched it, but in this game, it was a matter of getting accustomed to the mouse, and I just couldn't

    Bagman - I exchanged Bagman INPs with Donald at some point, and commented on how I leech better on the left and how he does on the right, but I opted not to use his right-section pattern as I prefer the safe path that I take. Of course I hadn't played it again since my 383K score anyway, so the point is moot.

    As for the other titles, like Pacmania and Frenzy, I stunk at them to begin with. Galaxian I was already pretty good at so did not really benefit from watching anyone else's INP.

    As chief referee, my scores of course can be included but are not eligible for prizes. However, to maintain integrity, I opted not to usurp anyone else's patterns.

    My personal thanks to "Barthax", Dwayne and Donald for some tips on Bagman to get me going, and to the two Gregs (Bond & Erway) for their tips on Mappy, getting me up to the 180K mark.

    Also would like to thank Anders, Donald and Rafal for their Crazy Balloon inspiration, and Richard for sharing his Tempest INP with me.

    Congratulations to what I believe are the top three finalists...Rafal, Donald and Martin. This was a spirited and enjoyable deca, and I trust that the next one, be it the advanced or the 2005 deca, will be equally memorable. Can't wait for the next one, but first things first...I am dying to see the final standings.

    And at least, for a day in this deca, I managed a 2nd place ranking. So for a fleeting 24 hours, I was number two. Woo hoo !! And I can't complain at all considering the awesome gamers in participation. You guys are great !!

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