Rafal, Donald and Martin

  1. Rafal, Donald and Martin

    04-06-2004, 09:55 PM

    Okay, the competition is officially over. And now, to the victor comes...the spoils !!

    Rafal, I will be handling the top prize money along with the "Spectar" bounty at the same time, but as "Spectar" was to have been awarded a bit later, it is far easier for me to send both at once due to Western Union costs, so I'll expedite the "Spectar" award and send around 4/16-4/17 or so. Will work out final details with you via E-MAIL beforehand.

    As for the certificates, I will ensure that Walter Day crafts each according to the final rankings, and sends them right out.

    For Walter's benefit, can you each please send me your forwarding information. Actually, I have Martin's from the recent "Galaxian 4" bounty request. Donald, I believe I have yours at home as well. So I just need Rafal's, then. You can E-MAIL to my work address of rmruczek@doremus.com or send me a forum private message, either way is fine.

    Okay, the formal write-up awaits, and will post Thursday morning.

  2. 04-08-2004, 12:53 AM
    Hi Robert,

    I see that you decide for use Western Union, not moneybookers. OK, I will send to you my information.

    Cost money transfer (300USD) to Poland by:
    1. Western Union = 24USD(with Delayed Availability)
    2. moneybookers 0.61USD only +
    a)+0 if transfer from bank
    b)+3% if transfer from credit card (you must send some documents to moneybookers early)

    I still prefer moneybookers :D but if you prefer Western Union and it's easier for you then OK.
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