Another Bounty Bites the Dust !!

  1. Another Bounty Bites the Dust !!

    08-17-2004, 06:27 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    If I have not already mentioned this, Douglas Lloyd SMASHED the bounty I had in place on \"Coconuts\" for the Atari 2600 !!

    Douglas passed my bounty threshold by a factor of more than 4...he scored a whopping 19K+...the exact score is at home, but needless to say that bounty is claimed.

    In his performance, he discovered for the first time ever that the game awards a 3rd hat at 10,500 points, and a 4th at 11,500 points, as the score rolled at 10K. Way cool...and considering he nearly made the 20K mark again, he probably would have gained another hat, maybe two.

    So, this is to say congratulations, Douglas, for an impressive run, and for participating in the year 2004 bounty quest.

    By the way, along with the \"Coconuts\" performance, there was included a few other performances including a 114,000 \"Pitfall\" (2600) and an 11 second completion of \"Haunted House\" (2600) which by the way beats my own personal best by a second and is now the world record to beat.

  2. 08-17-2004, 08:09 PM
    Thank you, Robert. Keep your checkbook handy, because I'm not done yet by a long shot!

    (By the way, for those of you who are reading, the score was 19,965.)

    Anyway, I'm just curious about how long it takes for a score to show up in the database after it is verified. I'm not rushing anyone; I just want to know when I can look and go, \"Oh look, there I am.\" :lol:

    As a final note, my great-grandfather would be proud. Thanks to Robert, the other \"L\" that he had had shot off in World War I has been restored. (Note name below. :P )

    Thanks again!!
    Douglas Loyd
    Perfect Pac-Man (MAME, 5/16/09)
  3. Done

    08-18-2004, 05:53 PM

    Sorry about the extra \"L\"...force of habit with the word \"Lloyd\", I guess. Your score is in !!

  4. 08-19-2004, 07:10 PM

    I was just wondering about something you had said in the Leprechaun thread and wondered if it tied to something else. I see my name in lights for Coconuts. That was cool to see as it is the first record I have posted here. I notice also that the scores for Haunted House and Pitfall are absent. In the Leprechaun thread, I joked about a 10,000,000 point run on Space Jockey and you said you were glad you weren't the Atari referee. Who is? On the staff page, you are listed with all Atari systems. Does someone else have to verify the other two games before they go up? I'm a smigde confused. Please enlighten me.
    Douglas Loyd
    Perfect Pac-Man (MAME, 5/16/09)
  5. 08-19-2004, 10:44 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by pacmanfevr76

    Who is? On the staff page, you are listed with all Atari systems. Does someone else have to verify the other two games before they go up? I'm a smigde confused. Please enlighten me.

    The staff page is still needing to be updated [I had to manually add my name and remove the prior TG Nes ref ^^;;] and if time is limited for others, I'm more then happy to remedy the situation by manually changing things, if asked.

    Todd "Mr. Activision" Rogers is our Atari and GC64 ref at the current time. Robert is basically the Jack of All Trades referee, amongst being Chief referee and countless billions of other things ^^;; Quite regretfully as well, Robert's backlog is quite hefty due to his RL Job which has bogged him with so many new responsibilities, I half expect to hear he runs the Firm soon enough :)

    But don't worry :) It's impossible to keep a guy like Robert down and away from Video Games for too long :) He might just go Hulk ^^

    "But ma!! He just scored 5 million on Star Wars!"


    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
  6. TG Staff Page

    08-20-2004, 06:51 PM

    The section in the forum is basically the correct staff page. The front-page link needs to be corrected. I know, it's just the time to do so, as is the reason for everything else. I swear, we need a TG secretary of something !!

    I will try to clear this up when things slow down for me next week. Thansk.

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