[Nes] River City Ransom BOUNTY Offer ^^ worth $75 US!

  1. [Nes] River City Ransom BOUNTY Offer ^^ worth $75 US!

    08-08-2004, 05:13 PM
    Ladies and Gentlemen! May I direct your attention to the center ring... no... not that one.. the one on my finger... ain't it nice? 24k gold and all, nice ge... er... wait a second wrong topic ^^;;

    As you can now read, there's a NEW bounty in town, and this is one for the NES System with some cashola coming out of my own pocket ^^ I am PRAYING there will be more competition then just Tom Votava and I on this ;)

    The game? Technos killer classic, River City Ransom! The challenge? Fastest Completion! The catch..? EXTREME PAIN! [Smashes gable down]
    You think you know this game? You could play it blindfolded? Nothing's a challenge in it, save for playing a game without yawning a SINGLE time?!
    Then heads up Bucky, cause here's the reason this is EXTREME!

    See your stats? Nice stats! Friendly Stats... now KISS THEM GOODBYE! In this Bounty your stats will be NOTHING! 0! ZILCH! NADA! You're going to have to beat the game starting with Absolutely all 0's and only $20.00 in the game! I mean sure, you can buy things to INCREASE them as you go along.. nothing wrong with that... unless you can't go along ;) Believe me... this is a challenge and a half! I will be considering raising the amount up as the months progress depending on # of entries and how much the war chest fills up after bills are taken care of. And with a BDay in November, I think I might throw a chunk of cash from that into the pot too :) But enough of my babbling! On to the settings!!!

    River City Ransom [Fastest EXTREME! Completion][Kelly's $75 US Bounty Challenge!]

    Novice Difficulty, One Life, Any Message Speed [Special Password MUST Be Entered!!]
    Special Rules: You must start the game first and when you can control the character, pause the game, go to password and
    enter the SPECIAL BOUNTY PASSWORD. When you hit END and your character runs off, the timer begins! ALSO! You must quickly
    enter the status screen for ONE second to show that your character now has all 0 for stats. [Don't worry about Player 2's
    password, as since you are playing ALONE! it will be irrelevant. Just hit start to bypass it.] Timer ends when you lay the
    final blow on Simon. YOU MUST BEAT THE GAME FOR THE RECORD TO COUNT! Please be FULLY aware, that this is going to be tough
    as heck as All attributes are 0-up!!! And you only start with $20.00 [evil grin] This bounty ends Dec. 31st, 2004! All
    entries MUST be postmarked by that date or the record will be DQ'd! NO EXCEPTIONS! The player who submits the FASTEST
    COMPLETION TIME USING THE SPECIAL PASSWORD! Will win $75 US payable via PayPal! [Other methods will be negotiated in the
    event PayPal is not doable in your country.] The Password required for this bounty challenge is as follows;


    Please note that all letters must be entered AS IS! This is CASE SENSITIVE! Please adhere to the Nes Guidelines when
    recording for this and anything else. You MAY Submit this with other records for the Nes, so no worries. :) Any referee's
    may submit for this bounty, but I'm not eligible to win the bounty myself. If I DO enter and have the fastest time, the
    person with the next fastest time will win by default. And depending on how many entrants there are... this bounty may
    INCREASE! The person who submits a tape and is verified as not only the FASTEST time at the end of the Bounty but it is
    also AUTHENTIC as well, will win the bounty! In case of tie, the person who submitted the Fastest time FIRST and the
    record is AUTHENTIC will declared the winner. And if for some reason they both appear on the same day? I'll be flipping
    a coin. If there is for some insane reason 3? Then something will be figured out.

    Best of Luck to you all! The bounty offer OFFICIALLY starts now!

    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
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