Another Bounty Bites the Dust !!

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  1. Another Bounty Bites the Dust !!

    08-17-2004, 05:27 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    If I have not already mentioned this, Douglas Lloyd SMASHED the bounty I had in place on \"Coconuts\" for the Atari 2600 !!

    Douglas passed my bounty threshold by a factor of more than 4...he scored a whopping 19K+...the exact score is at home, but needless to say that bounty is claimed.

    In his performance, he discovered for the first time ever that the game awards a 3rd hat at 10,500 points, and a 4th at 11,500 points, as the score rolled at 10K. Way cool...and considering he nearly made the 20K mark again, he probably would have gained another hat, maybe two.

    So, this is to say congratulations, Douglas, for an impressive run, and for participating in the year 2004 bounty quest.

    By the way, along with the \"Coconuts\" performance, there was included a few other performances including a 114,000 \"Pitfall\" (2600) and an 11 second completion of \"Haunted House\" (2600) which by the way beats my own personal best by a second and is now the world record to beat.

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