Working on 2005 Now - Arcade Done !!

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  1. Working on 2005 Now - Arcade Done !!

    10-12-2004, 03:19 PM
    Hello everyone:

    I've been steadily working on the year 2005 bounties for some time now. I believe I have the arcade selections done.

    Next up is all other vintage followed by all other modern.

    The next year's selection will be different, of course, but have something for everyone. Trust me.

    Just one hint...there's gonna be at least one challenge that will stymie even the best players on the planet, so the potential payout is gonna be well worth the effort. Won't reveal what the title or challenge is, but this one (if someone pulls it off, that is) will easily allow them to buy a new game system and a game or two on the side !!

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