Closing Out 2004

  1. Closing Out 2004

    01-09-2005, 03:25 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    Several December submissions were received and since verified. I spent so much time recently working on the 2005 \"Bounty\" announcement that I was unable to thus far update the final 2004 successful \"Bounty\" tally, and will do so between Monday (1/10) and Thursday (1/13).

    I will also recap the full list of payments slated to go out on Jan 31st. All those time-based payouts kick in, and a couple that were dependant on the highest score achieved by year-end.

    Once the final tally is announced, and the payment announcement made and disbursed, the year 2004 \"Bounties\" will officially come to a close.

    Thanks to one and all for making 2004 a rousing success. I disbursed approximately 30-35% of all cash offered, maybe more once I add everything up. If this is what happens in 2005, then gamers worldwide stand to make a pretty penny indeed.

    More later this week on the 2004 closeout.

  2. Almost Done - One Last Step Remains !!

    01-30-2005, 02:12 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    The last of the 2004 \"Bounty\" submissions, which produced a tie on the SNES classic \"Zombies Ate My Neighbors\" (10 apiece) has since been verified.

    A final tally shall be posted tomorrow night or Tuesday or what checks are going out relating to the 2004 competition. And then a brief article will be written.

    My sincere thanks to everyone who was part of the 2004 \"Bounty\" challenges. Walter Day, the chief scorekeeper for Twin Galaxies, was extremely pleased with the publicity and most importantly the scores generated. And on a personal note, I am personally thrilled to have been witness to some of the awesome feats of gaming expertise that have qualified over these past twelve months.

    Already, 2005 is very positive, and I was pleased to hear how many gamers anxiously awaited the release list for the coming year. Therefore, my continued job status in 2006 and thereafter, I will make it a point to host along with my fellow interested TG staff members and gaming colleagues a wave of \"Bounty\" challenges with every new year. It is my intent to make annual video game \"Bounties\" synonymous with Twin Galaxies.

    Thanks again for your continued support, and to the gamers who anxiously awaited Jan31/05, I will be contacting you each within a day or two. Please allow me until maybe as late as Feb 1st or no later than the 2nd to get the payments out. I have to gather up all teh necessary information and confirm which few just had to go out via PayPal or Western Union, and to ensure that I have all the info in order. And then I will release as promised !!

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