03-10-2005, 02:49 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    Good news !!

    My company stock, Omnicom (OMC) is finally, after a nearly 4-year depressed state, back to the $85-90 range. I had to wait until I was sure this would happen before executing the trade, as I patiently held on to the stock after the scare back in May/01 when it went freefall from $90 to approx $30. So, I sold at approx $88.7 and that's good enough for me.

    Sale $ comes in approx a week. Upon check clearance, ALL remaining \"Bounty 2004\", \"Bounty 2005\", Deca and ADeca obligations will be sent. Payments via check will be handled first, imediately followed by any PayPal and Western Union payments to international gamers. This will include, ahead of schedule, any gamers who completed a year 2005 \"bounty payable in a month yet-to-come.

    The rest will be held in anticipation of future \"Bounty\" clearances, though a small portion will go to my upcoming Funspot vacation in June.

    Okay, keep those tapes coming. And when I make the announcement of payments sent, I will ask all gamers to reply that their payment was received, so that I can finally close the books on the results of each previous event and claimed \"bounty\".

    Thanks !!

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