Closing Out 2004

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  1. Closing Out 2004

    01-09-2005, 03:25 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    Several December submissions were received and since verified. I spent so much time recently working on the 2005 \"Bounty\" announcement that I was unable to thus far update the final 2004 successful \"Bounty\" tally, and will do so between Monday (1/10) and Thursday (1/13).

    I will also recap the full list of payments slated to go out on Jan 31st. All those time-based payouts kick in, and a couple that were dependant on the highest score achieved by year-end.

    Once the final tally is announced, and the payment announcement made and disbursed, the year 2004 \"Bounties\" will officially come to a close.

    Thanks to one and all for making 2004 a rousing success. I disbursed approximately 30-35% of all cash offered, maybe more once I add everything up. If this is what happens in 2005, then gamers worldwide stand to make a pretty penny indeed.

    More later this week on the 2004 closeout.

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