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  1. PRELIMINARY Results !!

    02-04-2005, 07:08 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    The following results are preliminary. I am still awaiting final verifications from several of the tournament referees. As dutiful as I tried to be, a mistake is always possible.

    Here are the results for the overall only. When I'm absolutely sure of the outcome, the announcement will be finalized, and the details per title released, and I will provide a final write-up.

    705.64% Bedard, Martin
    694.63% Hayes, Donald
    332.75% Svensson, Anders
    248.93% Mruczek, Robert
    240.64% Nelson, David
    237.54% Macauley, Robert
    198.99% Erway, Greg
    143.26% Younger, Phil
    110.61% Dunne, Jonathan
    88.48% Flewin, Kelly

    As you can see, this is too close to call. But for now, prelim or not, it looks like two gamers gave it one heck of a run. And just wait until you see the final details !!

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