Thank You, One and All !

  1. Thank You, One and All !

    07-31-2005, 09:57 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    To the gamers who participated in the 2005 TG MAME Decathlon, and the volunteers who helped me manage the reporting, and to the many who assisted me with game testing and rules determinations, I owe you my personal thanks !!

    Once the scores are finalized they will be immediately uploaded into the TG database. It is far more convenient to do that rather than in pieces due to the current inability for score upload overrides and deletions when the prior score is higher.

    Okay, it's well past the tournament deadline. I've finished posting the prelim results, and also have posted the prelim Jul/05 monthly MAME results and the Aug/05 title, so now I can finally rest, in more ways than one.

    Tomorrow there will be a special announcement in the TG general discussion section which I am sure you will all find to be of interest.

    Rest well, fellow Deca 2005've earned it !!

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