Deca 2005 is History - FINAL Results !!

  1. Deca 2005 is History - FINAL Results !!

    08-15-2005, 11:22 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    It took me a couple of days longer than expected, but as this sadly my last competition run on behalf of Twin Galaxies, I didn't want to have any mistakes made.

    All referees checked in and the results are now locked. But before I announce the results, my personal thanks to each and every one of you who helped along the way, and my apologies now if I miss mentioning anyone.

    -> Greg and Kelly for helping me with the initial playback checks and rules clarifications

    -> Robert Macauley, Jonathan Dunne, Phil Younger, Kelly Flewin and A. Peter Mee for the time they devoted to doing an outstanding job as tournament co-referees

    -> Tommi Tiihonnen for pointing out the \"Scramble\" discrepancy early on before it was too late

    -> And to every participating gamer and interested contributor to the forums and the deca made this one very exciting and competetive for everyone

    Now for the final results synopsis as the extreme details are posted in the Final Rankings thread that I have been maintaining since day one.

    It was a tough one all right. There were in total ten (10) titles being that this was of course a decathlon, and of those, we had at least four (4) new world records...\"Starforce\" at TGTS, \"Zektor B\" at TGTS, \"Time Pilot\" at TGTS, and \"Top Secret\".

    What made this even more incredible is that in this competition alone, due to the extreme focus paid upon this tough little title, there were fourteen (14) players who passed the pre-competition world record based on the MARP scoreboard. Goes to show you what focusing on a less popular title can do over a 90-day period !!

    And now for the good news. Now that things are starting to look up for me again (it's about freaking time, I have to say), ALL competition payments for the 2005 deca (1st 5 places), and the 2004 advanced deca (2nd thru 5th place) will be released on Sep 15th. The financial bottleneck is coming to an end for me. For those who don't know how so much money could go so quickly, unexpected personal expenses and taxes can do that to you. But things are bouncing back. I'll quickly polich off these and then work on the \"bounty\" payouts as promised.

    I need some time to get the cerificates done. That requires Walter's input once he's back from London.

    So, my personal thanks to each and every one of you for making this competition truly spectacular. And it wasn't just about the results of the top tiered players and scores. Here's what I think the BEST aspects are...

    -> New deca players like Treib, Valter Andre, Giraud, S?bastien and Grubbs, Louie entering the fray and adding to the freshness of the competition

    -> Mainstay players showing their continued support both on the technical side (thanks, Weehawk) and the gaming side

    -> This competition had a wonderful international feel to it as I was getting E-MAILs from players in four continents

    -> The scores in the end were pretty high in fact that it was very difficult to reach even the 300% barrier, so finishing percentages alone do not illustrate how hard-fought a competition this was for everyone

    -> And I can't help but mention the obvious...the final outcome was without a doubt one of the highest cumulative standings from TG, MAME and MARP, as far as I can tell

    And so ends TG MAME Deca 2005. Thanks one and all for making this one truly memorable...for the gaming community, the participants, and also myself.

  2. 08-15-2005, 11:31 PM
    Are you going to be posting the final stats as well in this thread?

    I'm eager to see if somehow I got bumped up another place and not be in last.

    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
  3. Already Posted - Other Thread

    08-16-2005, 03:43 PM
    Hi Kelly:

    The current (now final) standings thread is where all the details are.

    I am starting to post the scores tonight.

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