[OMEGRACE] Omega Race

  1. 09-01-2006, 07:59 PM
    good point if setting back your system clock is all you would need to do to get a couple extra days of gameplay in....against the intent of the rule.

    I would need to see what basis wolfmame uses...with a few tests.

    cuz I notice for submissions from even our EUropean players...5-6 hours ahead of us...that their played time in wlfview shows in agreement with my time zone...not their time zone.

    so it might use a more stringent clock as a basis...not what your os time is. unless it gives the time zone info also and autoconverts it in wlfview...seems unlikely but if it does...advanced thinking there.

    a tg mame to check if the clock has been manually altered since the last time server update in the OS would be very cool and totally avoid that.
    I'd bet there are a couple of simple routines to compile in that would check this on starting a recording...and include the info in the wlf for verification with wlfview.

    hmmm... :P
    --Rick Carter
    My streaming broadcast channel: www.justin.tv/permafrostrick
  2. Players Across the Globe

    09-01-2006, 08:29 PM
    Hi Rick:

    When I post the announcement, it's quite simple. Everyone uses midnight my time as the contest end basis, so everyone in theory has an equal access chance to participate...save of course for the players sleeping when I post the announcement.

    With 24 hours around the globe, nothing will ever be perfect...we just try to be reasonable in the end.

  3. 09-02-2006, 01:01 AM
    no, you missed my point there. it was about what the played time in wlfview shows.

    it seems to autoconvert to whatever the local machine it is being viewed on is showing...which is a good thing.

    in regards to trying to cheat and set your local time back then play a day after the deadline and submit claiming you couldn't the day before etc.

    well, if we can add to wolfmame it seeing if the time clock of the OS has been manually changed since the last time server sync, then you are covered from that type of cheating....which would be a great thing for contests with deadlines.

    if not it would warn the gamer and ask if they want to time sync now...and then do so.

    here is another possibility for future decas or wolfmame contests...

    in the last 48 hours of the deca, require new submissions be posted in the forum for all to see...instead of others not knowing about the new score until it is too late to try and compete against it.

    just a thought since the public gamers can not see what is in the score submission queue.
    --Rick Carter
    My streaming broadcast channel: www.justin.tv/permafrostrick
  4. 09-02-2006, 08:25 AM
    Hi... I just posted on CABAL post... and I am reading this post only now :oops:

    Rick, I know your intend, but the \"deadline\" rule avoid all of this problems... and this is the best rule.

    My final scores are:
    NITD: 9,934,500
    DIGDUG2: 100

    At my calculations, I would need 50% more to reach BBH's 2nd place.
    I am sure if I have one (or two) more day to play, I would reach 17M on NITD and 200k on DIGDUG2. And if with bad intend I would may play today and do it, and submit as \"Aug 31\". This is the problem of the 24/48 rules in the last day(s)!

    Generally MARP (Tournament, Knockout...) use this rule, but it is not FAIR in my opinion!
    Metroid Team, from Brazil
  5. 09-02-2006, 10:59 AM
    ok, so you guys understand my motivation for the above posts...

    I gained knowledge of John beating my Omega Race score at 3am on 9/1. John had played it on 8/27. If I had promptly known, I would have beaten it back. John did NOT submit it to the Omega race referee...who was me...but to Robert and the TG online submission process. Robert e-mailed me about receiving the score on 9/1 at 12:31 am. I saw it after I got home from work.

    no chance of me to beat it back not knowing about it until after the deadline was gone. still trying to figure out why 4 days passed before a new top score was revealed. Lucky for John I guess.

    new top scores on the last few days of the tournament need to be posted immediately...even before verification if necessary.

    I played for 1.5 hours the afternoon of 9/1 and set a nice 489k score....took only 3 games to do it.

    I have submitted that to Robert and asked him to put that on the scoreboard...not my deca omega race score.

    it's why I suggest for future decas that the last 2 days or maybe even a week of the contest require new top score submissions to be posted to the forums.
    --Rick Carter
    My streaming broadcast channel: www.justin.tv/permafrostrick
  6. 09-04-2006, 02:36 PM
    Rick... I just playbacked your INP... congratulations for this excellent WR! And yes... I am sure you can go higher man! :)

    Also here, congratulations to John Cunningham that defended scores on Omega Race and Ripoff!

    Hats off guys!!!
    Metroid Team, from Brazil
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