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  1. 02-10-2018, 09:49 AM
    This is a copy of what I just posted over on CAGDC...

    So my "investigation" into these older MH WR scores has turned up the final part of the puzzle from Dwayne Richards who confirms all three top scores used the Level 13 hand trick and Twin Galaxies let it slide :

    Re: Major Havoc WR and The Home World is Actually Near (Finally)

    That score is repeating level 13 rick carter saw the guy do it and has pointed that out to the score board. I have never seen anyone get past level 20. i know a tempest guy i forgot his name who could do it on arcade and tim szcerby on mame recently. the walls go yellow.

    I was stuck on level 17 and couldnt get by it. Thats where my score topped off. major havoc is an awesome game. i will have to come out to the extreme if you are unveiling it if i can.


    This further backs up what Rick Carter has been saying for years about the top two scores using the Level 13 hand trick (Rev 2) :

    1 1,940,078 100.00% Ettore Ciaffi 1985-06-28 Referee [Undisputed]
    2 1,447,078 74.59% Bob Haas 1985-09-09 Referee [Undisputed]

    Re: Billy Mitchells 1999 Pac Man acheivement
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    Major Havoc....I have pointed out to them many times...with witnessing 2 of the top scores as proof...other score is obvious enough...that the rom set with the hand trick to replay level 13 over and over forever was used. A later revision of the rom set fixed the bug so you can't do it. Also, looping on 1 level forever versus progressing the game to the next level goes against TG policy...yet these scores remain.

    Dwayne's score...

    3 1,359,378 70.07% Dwayne Richard 1985-06-30 Referee [Undisputed]

    ...was only up to Level 17 which would be in the 1.1 million point range not 1.3 (see my playback vids for further proof of this).

    Like other players he used the level 13 hand trick to build up lives to figure out later levels without refs watching who were busy elsewhere with some other roy schildt related drama during the tournament. He played a few games that way and never got back to the machine it seems. TG then just submitted the scores from the high score list without checking with him about the game as I understand from his description of how things went down. I don't know the details about the other two scores but the end result was the same : TG accepted them as is whether a ref saw the trick and complained or not.

    Even Dwayne admits it should have been rejected but TG left them all in possibly without ever knowing how they were done. Seems like typical tournament chaos and then the scores just were left there and all sort of on "equal" playing ground since they all used the hand trick. I don't think any of these players were trying to pull a fast one on anybody...it's just the unfortunate way it went down. If anyone is to blame it's TG for not dealing with the issue when someone like Rick carter raised it over and over to deaf ears.

    Again right from Dwayne with his permission :

    The score was in the book was intentionally played to build up men to try to get past a higher level i was stuck on so it should have been rejected. I knew the next years score was done like according to rick carter. He saw the guy play

    So i have no problem with that score removed.

    So there you have it. These scores shouldn't have been allowed under TG's usual leeching rules but they were (even if they used it to build up lives at the start and kept playing afterwards).

    I hope Mark adjust his scoreboard accordingly or at least makes a note about what technique was used to set those older scores.

    My next stop is a TG dispute for all three scores once I get enough cred points or find someone with enough to "sponsor" my dispute to clear this scoreboard up. I would even be happy if they just made a note for all three scores stating the hand trick was used on Rev 2 machines and then retire it for good.

    I think I already made a new arcade track for Rev 3 only (no hand trick allowed) :

    Hopefully I will be putting up some scores with Dwayne and others to follow on this newer track on the romset that fixed this bug. I hear Eric Clayburg of tempest fame is a great MH player too...so I hope there's some friendly MH competition especially with the "final version" around the corner.

    The Actual Dispute is here + Thanks RedElf!
    must cut and past because TG URL links not working today :(

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