Project Plan - Atari 2600 Variation/Score Split

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  1. Project Plan - Atari 2600 Variation/Score Split

    09-08-2006, 04:50 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    Tomorrow, Sep09/96, the undertaking of a major split involving the Atari 2600 console platform will begin.

    I will spear-head the project and will be working closely with worldwide Atari editor/referee Todd Rogers as well as administratively with my fellow referees until completed.

    Throughout the reclass, comments, advice and any glitches pointed out by the general gaming community will not only be appreciated but will be considered necessary in order to make this happen as quickly and as accurately as possible.

    This is no small understaking as several thousand scores must be reviewed and potentially reclassified, never mind the creation of well over a thousand new variations to accommodate the reclass of the scores.

    My very next post in this thread will reflect the sequence of events that will be taking place from inception until conclusion.

    I ask that you withhold commentary until the next posting is made.

    Thanks for being patient.

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