FINAL Results (9/08/06)

  1. 09-18-2006, 03:44 PM
    Hi all!

    Firstly, congratulations for Martin Bedard (The_Pro)! Excellent scores man! IMO the best DECA2006 score is that Strider 360,500 score... very close to the perfection in that settings!

    Also congratulations for Matt Hall (BBH), Rodrigo Lopes and Fabiano. Well, congratulations to every player, maiinly to Robert and to the co-referees.

    About me, I am happy in participated, and with my 3rd position. Last year 4th... maybe next year 2nd :D I was not so strong in the final days, however a good strategy is necessary to admin the number of games and the number of days/months to play.

    - To me, AVSP, CABAL and STRIDER are my favorites.
    - RIPOFF and SPDCOIN are good games. I expected I would played more SPDCOIN (and AVSP), but no problem.
    - The \"cool\" new-games to me: NITD (I need to play more in the future) and INDYTEMP (I ever expected to learn about this game... and DECA was the time for it).
    - DIGDUG2 and OMEGRACE are \"neutral\" games for me (hehe DD2 was not played, however it looks a pretty-good game, at least at the start).
    - And GYRUSS was my main \"disappointment\"... the game is not bad, but this was the most frustrating to me (I'm not sure if is the GAME or if is ME)... yes, I studied the stages, the patterns, mapped the games, however I was not satisfacted. Well... my score was not so bad, and considering I don't like \"marathonable\" games, it was ok to me.

    In short about this DECA championship... the game selection was very good, the players are fine, and the competition and sportmanship was wonderful... See you next time friends!

    Long life to DECA!!! \\o/
    Metroid Team, from Brazil
  2. Sending Out in 2 days

    09-19-2006, 10:22 AM

    I am doing the paperwork at home and will send out the Deca payments by Thursday...was unable to do Monday as I wanted to.

    I've already done some prelim work on the upcoming November voting and the possible format for the ADeca. It will either be standard or something new, but you all will vote on it.

    The \"standard\" was a 6 month event where two (2) titles were revealed per month and you had a chance to submit only three times in total each month, and you needed to qualify to continue. Meaning, you could in \"Month One\" submit once for each, and then if need be once for just one of the two titles. Repeat for months two thru five where two new titles would be revealed, and at beginning of month four, you would in effect know the fourth month plus the final two for when that time would come.

    The final month was ONE (1) submission more for each title if you improved, so no more than forty (40) submissions per player.

    I actually did not like the 6 month aspect of it but the rest was OK. As for the qualify to continue aspect, that resulted in very few qualifying finalists so I actually don't like that as well.

    The aspect that I liked a lot was the hard aspect...1st life only, or much harder settings, and in some cases a complete game for the truly tough titles. I envision something like this when the time comes.

    The other format I mentioned previously, maybe a segmented event where one \"leg\" was 1st life, one leg was point-pressing by end of x-wave, one might be ultra hard difficulty, one possibly monochrome. Not sure if that was well received as it did not result in much forum chatter so I will most likely go with a 3-4 month ADeca event...probably 3 months with a month in advance for voting (3 weeks) and testing (1 week).

  3. 09-19-2006, 10:44 AM
    you could always do the time limit one also...even for games that don't have any built in can just use the convenient frame counter in mame. ie. a game running at 60fps, that's 3600 frames a if you wanted a 5 minute timelimited game whatever their score is at the 18000 frame mark is it.
    --Rick Carter
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