FINAL Results (9/08/06)

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  1. FINAL Results (9/08/06)

    09-08-2006, 10:48 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    I am considering as final the last posted results from September 8th. One (1) possibility exists for another gamer to qualify, and I will restate the cumulative rankings should that status be confirmed. However, I do not believe it will impact the outcome of the top five finishers, therefore for prize consideration I am at this time announcing the results as tentatively final.

    So it's now official. It's a two-peat ( can't sue me, Pat Riley). The winner of the year 2006 Twin Galaxies MAME Decathlon is...Martin Bedard, who hails from Canada, with a final cumulative score of 891.25% out of a maximum of 1000.00%. This is the highest qualifying TG MAME Decathlon total ever, with Martin's 875.23% from Deca 2005 being the second highest in the MAME Deca series going back to 1999. Way to go, Martin !!

    In the process of setting this mark, Martin set several new MAME and world records, including 1M on \"Dig Dug 2\" and 2.088M on \"Speed Coin\". As for the competition rankings, his scores occupied 6 of the top 10 positions, and of the other four, no single score was less than 50% for the competition. That's quite an accomplishment.

    Coming in a strong second with 680.58% was Matt Hall who hails from the USA. Matt's score of 1.067M on \"Indiana Jones\" was the highest of the competition, and happened to be the only title which Martin scored less than 70% on.

    Third place goes to Valter Andre Treib (\"TRB\") who hails from Brazil and who is a founding member of the world famous \"Metroid Team\". His final score was 633.02%. And Valter's co-founder, Rodrigo Lopes who also hails from Brazil, comes in fourth with 469.66%.

    Roudning out the top five is yet another fantastic player from South America. Fabiano Gomes de Souza battled with Xavier Ulmann from France for claim to fifth place, and edged out Xavier by a score of 384.40% to 379.25%.

    The top five finishers will be awarded a Twin Galaxies certificate of completion signed by TG founder and CEO, Walter Day. Additionally, I will be sending out Deca 2006 prize money during the week of 9/11-9/16, a few days later than expected but it is going out.

    Wow, this was some wild deca. A few of the toughest games that I've tried were in it, including \"Strider\" in which out of the 22 players who submitted scores for this title, 12 did not manage to pass 25K even though the top score was more than 350K !!

    I just performed a mean-average calculation per title via EXCEL and came up with, assuming you wanted to qualify, a score of 316.45% based on all players' scores whether qualified or not. Martin's top-ranked score is more than 500% points ahead of that. Unbelievable.

    Well, tomorrow is the day for finally posting the results to the TG scoreboard, and then I can put this puppy to rest. Next event will be the TG Advanced MAME Decathlon 2006 and voting will commence approx Nov01/06 with the contest starting Dec01/06 and ending Feb28/07.

    Congratulations to all participants of this Deca event. I thank you personally as both TG referee and competition administrator. And I'd also like to thank my fine base of tournament referees who do deserve to be mentioned. They were...

    Rick Carter - Cabal, Omega Race
    Kelly Flewin - Nightmare in the Dark
    Robert Macauley - Gyruss (TGTS)
    Andrew Peter Mee - Speed Coin
    Xavier Ulmann - Strider
    Kris Waterman - Alien vs Predator
    Adam Wood - Dig Dug II

    Everyone did a fine job. I am looking forward to the ADeca event already, but for now I think we all need a bit of a rest.

    Thanks !!

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