Deca2K7 - Devil World [Official Discussion Thread]

  1. Deca2K7 - Devil World [Official Discussion Thread]

    04-30-2007, 10:33 PM
    This thread is for discussions, problems, strategy talk, etc. about Devil World, of which I'm the referee for. :)

    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
  2. 05-01-2007, 12:10 AM
    I see no special rules for this game. Massive leeching is possible with no risk almost. asn007 show this leeching in MARP replay:
  3. 05-01-2007, 12:12 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by destructor
    I see no special rules for this game. Massive leeching is possible with no risk almost. asn007 show this leeching in MARP replay:
    Great Googly Moogly! I figured there was SOME potential, but I didn't know it went to THOSE lengths!

    Time to adjust the special rules!

    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
  4. 05-02-2007, 06:10 PM
    Wow. This is the first I've ever played of this, and I must say I'm impressed. I can tell it's definitely a prototype for Dark Adventure in look and feel, but there is an enormous coolness factor present in Devil World that the other very much lacks. Shooting? With Gradius-style power-ups? Sign me up! Oh, and apparently it's much more linear... well, good! Dark Adventure is just obnoxious.

    I got 126,100 on my first try. I doubt I'm submitting it - I'm playing again promptly :)

    In the interest of fair play: there is a Map button on the arcade machine that, when held in, shows a small radar-like overhead view of the current level. Note that your character's life DOES continue to tick down while it's held in, but the action otherwise pauses. It shows the location of keys and exits. This button IS accessible to the player in MAME, but it isn't exactly intelligently labeled in the Tab-key interface: it's \"Service 4\", defaulting to the equals sign key. I assure you the \"service\" label is erroneous and that the button is very much on the control panel and accessible to the player. I'm certain Kelly can vouch for that as well. Besides, once you get used to the layouts of the levels, you won't need it (much) anymore anyway. - ZM

    EDIT: On second examination, it appears that the key locations change, so the map will retain its usefulness. It also appears that beyond a certain point in the game, it just plain stops providing maps, saying \"SORRY...\" when the button is held in. Tricky.
  5. 05-02-2007, 09:49 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Zotmeister
    EDIT: On second examination, it appears that the key locations change, so the map will retain its usefulness. It also appears that beyond a certain point in the game, it just plain stops providing maps, saying "SORRY..." when the button is held in. Tricky.
    Yep, just like Dark Adventure does. Granted, I actually have almost BEAT Dark Adventure on 1 credit.. freaking hard as heck game, EVEN WHEN YOU DO KNOW WHERE TO GO!

    But, I figured this is different enough to provide more interest. :)

    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
  6. LEACHING!!!!

    05-03-2007, 11:25 AM
    To be perfectly honest all I did was make my way through and made sure that all huts were destroyed before making my way to the next level. Just figures I would get taken out by bats!

    Oh well. Time to go... Later!
  7. 05-04-2007, 11:03 AM
    Alright... I cn grant a few hints atm... but that's due to lack of time here :(

    This game is EXACTLY like Dark Adventure in the regards of \"Optimal Layout\". Believe me, at Funspot, when I play DA there... if I don't get the Optimal Layout, I will kill my lives off and try again. This is the difference between a High score and a Truly Valiant High Score run.

    I just submitted a 202,500 run... for as long as it's up there, I'd recommend taking a look as that is an almost Optimal Layout!

    You'll actually start being able to memorize if where the food is and keys are for certain layouts when you play enough, and this is an ESSENTIAL thing!

    Use the MAP if needed RIGHT AS YOU MATERIALIZE! You have 2-3 seconds of free, unadultered, no life lost time to check. Only if needed.. but trust me, play enough and you won't.

    The little spear chucker on the lava levels? MAJOR POINTS!! He's REALLY HARD to kill, but I had a HUGE boost in points for wailing on him in 1 game.

    My suggestions for optimum weaponry? Speed, Dynamite [a must later], Laser and Shield. IN THAT ORDER! I personally choose laser for the fast speed on reload.

    Lava rocks suck... your life is virtually forfeit at the touch :(

    Floating rocks on Lava? Unless you SEE they key, use the Map... and watch your jumps.. you tend to jump farther then you think sometimes :(

    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
  8. 05-08-2007, 10:43 PM
    Alright... before I get ANOTHER score I have to DQ [sadly], I just wish to point out in the main thread [and my apologies for the lack of time to do this earlier, since I got my internet up shortly before having to go in early to work]...

    There is a tactic which will result in your attempt being disqualified.

    When you get to Metropolis, there's 5 exits, including the door right beside you when you start. The game selects, AT RANDOM, one of these doors to be the TRUE exit, and has a malicious idea of fun when the other 4 send you right back to Metropolis at random exits. [Or to the Dragon, then Metropolis, depending on your luck]

    As a result, and to curb deliberate leeching [in the run that went byebye :( I swear the freaking monsters jacked a Coke truck with all the pop that kept showing up! 2 IN 1 STAGE?! WTF?!], I made a note that you are permitted to only enter each door ONCE ONLY! Entering a door for a second time will result in your score being disqualified, even if by accident.

    This means, truly sick scores will rely on skill to get to Metropolis and beyond [and it gets nastier gang] and luck in finding the right door at a later point then everyone else, while still having enough lives [or finding enough Cola] to survive.

    Btw, I'm going to find a small host site to stick an INP I submitted to J.D. for a quick peruse. I nearly beat the game on 1 credit. [Robert will be familiar with my identical feat on Dark Adventure.. died in the 2nd to last stage in both runs... just can't find my DA run anymore :(] I did end up continuing to show the ending, and I figured it'd be a nice tutorial.

    As well, I will be submitting a guide for this to GameFaqs in a day or so.. primarily when I remember my account pw ^^;;

    Anyways, I wished to bring this up now before someone else inadvertently gets stung :(

    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
  9. 05-10-2007, 11:04 AM
    Alright, since GameFaqs is being ghey and not letting me log in, despite having the correct information... and since I can't log in, I can't submit my guide... I will post it here.


    Version 1.0


    Unauthorized replication is prohibited.

    If you wish to post this guide, please contact the author first for
    permission and leave this guide in its ENTIRETY unless previously
    discussed with the author.

    If you want to put this on your website or such, please let me know.
    [Answer will most likely be yes.]

    This guide is FREE and should not be distributed other then FREE!

    Devil World is Copyright of Konami, 1987

    This guide is Copyright Mr. Kelly Flewin, 2007
    Copyright Time Traveller's Inc. 2007

    Good day fellow adventurer :) I see you've stumbled upon my little
    solve for this very difficult, yet fun little Hack n Slash Adventure
    cooked up by Konami. Now, though some will realize that this was
    also released as Devil World, this Guide and solve is specifically
    for this version, as there are some big differences [namely, where
    portals take you, weapons.. etc.]

    With this, I hope to walk you along the quick and hasty path to
    annihalating the game, without having to wander through endless
    doors of doom... and possibly get stuck too. By stuck, I mean
    this... you require keys to open the doors to the next area...
    and sometimes the game gets VERY evil and will give have NO key for
    a certain area... and if you have no keys either.. you're screwed.
    [So there's a lesson to be learned :) Max out keys asap]

    But enough of this meager beginning, on to the good stuff that
    is more relevant and important :)

    I. Characters

    Dark Adventure is a 3 Player Simultaneous game.. kinda like Gauntlet,
    for an example of the top of my head. Each character has a different
    starting weapon that you use to fend off the beasties, until you find
    better weapons.

    The Left player is Labrynna, a rather cute Blonde in a Pink dress.
    She wields a sword and with some decent speed to it as well.

    The Middle player is Condor, the nearly stereotypical Indiana Jones
    man, with fedora and whip, but a White shirt and Blue jeans.

    The Right player takes control of Zorlock, laid back Business man
    who's a killer with the spear.

    Alright... it's not like there was much to research on in regards to
    the characters... Your reporter, archeologist and businessman.. but
    you came for a solve.. not an elaborate book ^^;;

    II. The Buttons

    Start - This'd be what ya press to start your game ;) It also works
    as a handy map option! It will show you exits [E] and where
    any remaining keys are. [It will NOT show you hidden exits
    and it won't work on EVERY stage]

    The other 3, Option, Attack, and Jump.. well they're

    III. Items

    Now we're getting somewhere! What are the items and weapons you can
    collect on this adventure? Welllll.......

    Keys - The MOST IMPORTANT item in the game. Sadly, unlike Dark Adventure,
    you can only collect 1 per stage. It can be in plain open site,
    underneath a Monster Hut [Destroy the hut for the key] or even in
    one of the rare destructable rocks/wall pieces. No Key? No escape.

    Food - It comes in the form of a can of Pop giving you much needed
    Life. Believe me.. you will need A LOT if you're going to
    survive. Too bad they're VERY spare in the game. :(

    Necklace - You see one of those beauties laying around? GRAB IT! This
    destroys ALL the enemies on the screen. Definitely a boon
    on later levels.

    Crystal Ball - Your base weapon is just not enough for this game, but
    these babies are the key to success! They'll pop up all
    over the place, especially when you kill enough enemies.
    Much like other Konami titles, such as Gradius, all you do
    is collect a Crystal Ball and one of the options light up.
    Grab a second one and the next lights up and so forth, until
    you either select an option or it cycles back through to the
    beginning. Pay attention to the options to maximize your

    IV. Options

    Speed - Self explanatory. Needless to say, this is absolutely ESSENTIAL to
    get right away! Your health is ALWAYS ticking, so this is a boon.

    Dynamite - When you crave some wanton destruction :) One Stick'll do ya
    until you die. Just start throwing like mad and enjoy things
    going Kaboom!!! Also useful for hurtling over those annoying
    walls :)

    Machine Gun - Quick 'n Dirty! Fire fast streams, fire often... still a pain
    when trying to go through destroyable walls... :(

    Fire - BBQ TIME! Watch the flame shoot out... roast every enemy caught in
    its path... and huts too! Right through those annoying walls :) The
    only downside is that this is a bit slow on the reload...

    Bazooka - Oh yeah! MASSIVE destruction is at hand! But...this is also the
    absolute SLOWEST for reload time. :( It's a nice toy, but later
    in the game you will want a REAL weapon.

    Laser Gun - My PERSONAL FAVOURITE weapon of mass destruction! It's fast!
    Fire fast for more oomph... but!! The one catch is.. it can't
    go through normal walls. Thankfully, teamed with Dynamite, you
    end up being nearly invincible! Good for mowing down enemies
    galore in lightning speed, ESPECIALLY the final boss!

    Shotgun - Uh... yeah... it's a Shotgun.. decent spread I'll admit... but a
    pain in the ass for having to eradicate destroyable walls... it's
    not TOO shabby for enemy destruction, but the reload time is on
    the slow side.

    Shield - This is the ? option and definitely a bonus! It will help reduce
    the damage you take from bad guys.

    V. Monsters & Other Things

    Dark Grey/Browns Rocks/Walls - These can be attacked to unveil either nothing,
    crystal balls, food or even keys! Also look for
    small cubes that look out of place. They usually
    can be whacked down as well. Dynamite will help
    rapidly destroy these as well as your weapons.

    Enemy - Well, self explanatory.. from minotaurs and rats, to flying
    weapons and even the Devil itself... they're everywhere :)

    Enemy Huts - These will ALWAYS take 2 hits to destroy with a base
    weapon or 1 with a super weapon or dynamite.

    Clay Golems - They rise up in Mercedia when you hover around too long. They
    also like to fire off clay and attack with their sword. Very
    easy to destroy, especially with Dynamite.

    Treants - Ugh.. They look normal.. then they get ugly faces.. then they
    come alive! Beware of their roots as if you get caught and can't
    escape, you will be eaten alive... kiss a full health bar goodbye.

    Bats - Very annoying little scum. Dynamite works wonders against them, and so
    do well timed shots. If you're stuck with a crap weapon, jump and fire
    to have a better chance. Believe me, they will cling for dear life if
    given a chance... [Jump around if they do cling to release them.]

    Rock Golems - Rock 'n Roll time baby! These guys roll around in balls and pop
    up to lay some damage into you. Very easy to avoid, thankfully,
    and only on certain lava levels.

    Gargoyles - Spearchucking annoyances! When you declip the Blue scum, they turn
    Red as they die.. and this is also a cheap way of getting some
    serious points ^^

    Rats - Only 1 level in the entire game... and they're annoying since they're
    quite literally invisible until they're on you.

    Spiders - Only 2 levels or so with these annoyances... they swarm VERY fast, so
    get ready to move and groove!

    Skeletons - One of the WORST enemies in the game. They go through walls, they
    swing VERY SHARP swords and they take a few hits to totally destroy.

    Phantom Swords - Yeah, you're reading that correctly. The stage before the Final
    Boss houses these energy drainers! Avoid them like the plague
    and shoot them to deflect them from hitting you.

    Dragons - Um... yeah.. they suck! Always 2 heads, always fire breathing, always
    should be dispatched A.S.A.P. as they do good chunks of damage.

    Living Statues - Only on the last stage, Bundra. You may have to go past them
    before they activate. They attack quite similar to how the
    Final Boss will. Also beware the pillars falling all around

    Devil - The FINAL Boss of the game. He's a pushover with the Laser and some
    Dynamite, but if lacking either or both, fancy footwork and a lot of
    hits will kill him. The other thing to watch out for is that you have
    enough health after beating him... It takes a good 10-15 seconds for
    the Boss to fully die and the ending to come up and if you run out of
    health before then and have 0 lives.. um.. yeah... Game Over and no
    ending for you. [Unless you continue]

    VI. Anything Else?

    Well... I am hoping to screen capture maps and compile some from screen
    shots... but that will be later... and I will update this guide with
    their location.

    Make a beeline for food WHENEVER you need it.. believe me.. if you don't
    find a speed up necklace.. you're gonna need it badly!

    The game RANDOMLY places items around.. but it's not THAT random!
    Monster huts will ALWAYS be the same, no matter what.. but.. there's about
    Five different random cycles. Each cycle will have the items appear in the
    same spot for the entire game duration. When you start a brand new game,
    the game will randomly choose a cycle again. This is a big boon! If you
    follow my guide and you manage to luck out and find a Cola in the 1st stage,
    you may find the game A LOT easier!

    The right cycle can make ALL the difference in how well you do... there
    are literally points where the right cycle will give you a crapload of

    This game is also known as Dark Adventure.. but that game has A LOT of
    differences.. including there being more keys, the exits take you to
    different places, 3 players at once...

    VII. Wait a second! TIPS!

    I should do the right thing and toss in some tips! So here we go!

    1. This game, much like Dark Adventure has GOOD cycles and BAD cycles. After
    you play long enough, you'll start to realize which is a good cycle based on
    where the items are at the start. [Cola being on the 1st level is always a

    2. Until Metropolis, you can use the Map key, but at the cost of life still
    draining. BUT! If you use the Map as you're materializing, you have about 2
    solid seconds before you're on screen and life begins to drain. Use this to
    your advantage to find the key quick in the first few screens if you're
    aiming for a speedrun of this. Or if you just can't seem to find the key.

    3. On Mercedia, take your time the first few times. Let enough enemies come
    out so you can kill them and collect crystal balls. [They'll pop up where the
    quota enemy lands.. sometimes in the middle of a wall or mountain :(] I make
    it a habit to ALWAYS ensure a Cola is on this level and then work my way
    slowly, weaving around, until I can get the Speed, Dynamite and Laser Options
    accessed. THEN I get the Cola and Key and exit. Depending on location, and
    how well you do, you can leave with all of this AND a full life bar!

    4. Following the advice above, I try not to leave Matigu until I manage to get
    the Shield Option. Your life seems to drain a bit slower with it, and hits
    do half the damage. Your're not invincible though, so watch your step.

    5. If you seem to fall off a cliff and are sliding? Pump the Jump button and
    push towards safety. If you do it quick enough, you can climb back up from
    certain doom.

    6. WATCH THOSE BRIDGES! 1 piece missing right at the start? Sadly, you'll die
    if you don't jump over it. Most other times, you can narrowly walk past this.
    2 pieces side by side are gone? You're going to have to jump. Better hurry
    though, since these bridges won't last long. :(

    That's about it, so let's get on to giving this game an asswhoopin' :)

    VIII. The Solution - The Route to Glory


    No matter what cycle the game randomly chooses, this is where you will
    always begin a new game here. You're main goal will to whoop some rear,
    walk around a bit and get familiar with the monsters. It's not too hard
    here, but don't go for walks off cliffs! The exit is in the top Right


    Laser like lightning bolts come down from the sky and set fire to the
    plains. Navigate your way carefully to the top and ensure you kill all
    monsters and their Huts. This is NOT a good time to let them get to the
    point of throwing axes. The only good thing for this level is the sheer
    amount of Crystal Balls you can pick up! Definitely worth it! The exit
    is again, in the top Right corner.


    Now we get tricky! There's TONS of Monster Huts all around AND this is
    the only level with the killer Treants. Navigate yourself to the Right
    and keep an eye out for the Key. It's either on the very bottom, the
    middle row near the exit, or the top row near the exit in the destroyable
    rock. Make sure those Treants don't come alive and grab you with their
    roots, or you could be done for!


    Ahhh the first Dragon attack scenario of the game. Just simply dodge its
    fire, [Although apparently you can shoot it down!?] and aim for its 2
    heads. A few shots to each and you'll be moving on up! Just make sure not
    to get hit... the fire is an ouch and the body is as painful. :(


    Three seperate contintent like areas here with only 6 bridges connecting
    them all. This is an ideal time to consult your Map for where the key is.
    If you're lucky, there can be Cola at the top Left of the map, or hidden
    in the rocks in the Middle bottom. This all depends on the cycle you
    luck into. Once you get the key, make a beeline for the top Right area
    of the map. Be careful crossing bridges though... one false move and kiss
    a life goodbye.


    Hooboy! MONSTER MANIA! Trust me, you'll get swarmed right away! If you
    have to die due to life almost running out, this isn't too bad a place.
    There's plenty of opportunity to be able to get a tricked out Options
    package, as long as you can handle the swarms. If you're full and in good
    health, use the map to zoom for the key and make a beeline for the bottom
    Right corner of the map to exit.


    VOLCANO! Well actually, it's a big threat or a minor threat depending on
    where they key is located. If it's in the top Left corner, you're very VERY
    lucky! If it's beside the Volcano? Good luck. At the bottom center? Not too
    shabby at all. The exit is in the top Right corner, but if you don't move
    quick enough, or get too close to the Volcano, it WILL erupt. Watch out for
    the flying molten rocks. One hit, and you're pretty much dead. As if the
    Bats and the Rock Golems only appearance weren't bad enough.


    Round 2! Yeah... same thing as before... this never changes, thankfully.


    The last time you'll ever be able to use a map. This is also one of the
    HARDEST levels in the entire game. Pray the key is either in the very
    bottom Left corner or on the extreme Right side beside the exit. If not,
    you're not going to have much fun here. You have to jump from one precarious
    floating rock to the next, including making diagnol jumps, which can be
    very easily overdone. :( If they key is in the middle of the floating
    platforms... my sympathies. The EASIEST pathway, I find personally, is going
    all the way to the bottom and crossing there or doing it from the very top.
    There tends to be rocks right where you usually need them. Regardless, good
    luck. This is where people tend to lose ALL of their lives.


    The ONLY time you'll ever see the Rats in the entire game! And they're
    EVERYWHERE! The exit is at the very bottom of the level and the key is
    usually visible. If not, check the map and rocks on the way down. This is
    where Dynamite becomes an absolute MUST! Believe me, not just for the rats.


    Just simply follow the path... pretty self explanatory really. Every now
    and then, the key will be on the very upper pathway, or in a GOOD case,
    Food. Food anywhere here is a 50/50 chance for the most part it seems. As
    well, if you HAVE Dynamite, keep shooting everywhere. The sticks will all
    fall close to you and kill most bats from behind you and even in front of
    you... which is a bonus if you're running low on health.


    Yawn... next?


    Good luck... I can offer no true solution for this, as it changes with
    every game. What do I mean? Whereas Dark Adventure, it's a fixed door,
    in Devil World, one of the 5 doors will take you to the next area... the
    others will all bring you back to Metropolis. Now, if you REALLY luck out,
    are fully equipped and have virtually full health? Pray there's a key in
    front of you and by going back through the door beside you, you go to the
    next level. It DOES happen. Otherwise.. shoot like there's no tomorrow,
    never let the monsters get to the point of throwing their axes and pray
    for health and Crystal Balls. A bit of luck and perserverance will guide
    you through. As well, depending on how many attempts it takes you, the
    location of the Dragon fight MAY differ for you from my guide. I'm
    assuming you got lucky and found the correct door the first time.


    I really hope you have a Laser Gun at this point, or at LEAST some
    Dynamite.. otherwise it's going to be a challenge. I mean it's completely
    doable from a new life, but the Skeletons you meet here for the first time
    are a pain and so are all the Spiders. The key is either in plain open
    view or hidden under a hut. The door's on the Right hand side of the room.


    Keep it up! Almost there!


    Ugh... Lava walk time... the key, thankfully, is usually VERY easy to get,
    but the sink tiles make travel a pain. You have to be right ON the key to
    nab it... which is a pain as well. The big secret is the top... you can
    actually walk diagnolly if you're very careful... so Down/Right, across,
    Up/Right and LEAP to the door. Don't worry, you'll be safe on the door.


    o.o? Er.. the room is moving? Not many Spiders here... but those freaking
    moving parts do MEGA damage if you get hit! And usually they hide the key
    right in the path, so you gotta move fast to nab. For those who have
    played Dark Adventure, this room and the last 2 rooms [sans Dragon] are


    The Boss is A LOT easier then this annoying room of pain
    and death! Notice the exit? Now notice all those annoying
    monster huts in the way? No problem... until you factor
    in the FLYING SWORDS!!! Sure you can swat them away, but
    even one hit and you lose a MASSIVE chunk of health! It's
    not fun! Tread carefully and you will make it to the last
    exit of the game and go to the final room.


    The FINAL room of the game! This is what it has all
    culminated up to! Move downwards to avoid the columns as
    they fall down. Notice those statues on either side of
    you? As you go past them, they turn into annoyingly real
    life menaces! 5000 points a kill is a nice bonus.. though
    you're going to have to kill them all before the Devil is
    willing to go at it with you. Have I mentioned that
    they're packing heat? In the form of some very QUICK and
    PAINFUL fireballs?

    Now, though, the moment you've been waiting for! You
    beat the nasties and the Devil has come out. He's big..
    he throws around A TON of those evil energy balls and he
    wants you DEAD! But... there lies hope for you.. and
    believe me.. you're going to be shocked how quickly he
    can fall down. [It took me a minute or so normally to
    fell the *******] Simply try to stay behind him and
    attack him from behind and as quickly as you possibly
    can. He will succumb to your blows fast and will turn
    back into stone and crumble before you. [My personal
    best is about 2 seconds after he comes to life.. and
    believe me, it's not that hard to duplicate with

    The only down side? As he dies, and as the screen
    goes all cumbly and you fade out... your life keeps
    going down for a few seconds.. which essentially means..
    you can die as you're waiting for him to die...

    Ah well... 10,000 more points will be yours ^^

    And that's basically it! You've now beaten one of
    Konami's most frustratingly challenging games... mind
    you... you'd think they'd make a slightly better ending..
    It's neat... but kinda.. blah... but that's my own
    opinion and yours may differ.

    IX. Endings?

    Well, I beat the game with multiple credits [More then 3] and my best
    so far is 2 credits.. I always seem to die thanks to the swords in
    Enid! Makes Bundra a real pain :(

    2 Credits - You end up finding yourself on the Statue of Liberty
    3+ Credits? - You end up finding yourself floating on a raft in
    what looks to be a mighty ocean... none too thrilling an ending.

    Sadly, the same message is displayed when you beat the game with 2 or
    more credits. I'm really hoping to figure out if there's something
    special to doing this in 1 credit... which is possible, but one heck
    of a feat!

    \"Peace has returned to the Earth. We respect and admire the wisdom and
    courage of those who have defeated the Devil.\"

    X. In Conclusion

    Well, that's about it, really. No point in making maps, as well.. once
    you get to Metropolis, you'll never be able to call up a map. And to be
    honest, they're all straightforward after that anyways.

    If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to me at;

    K_Flewin @ Yahoo Dot Ca
    Attn: Devil World

    If you want to distro it, be my guest. As long as you don't edit this in
    any way, unless permission is granted. You MUST ALSO Inform me of
    which website you wish to add it to so I may add the link to future
    updates and give my official OK. It MAY be editted to be displayed
    on a web page only if my name is intact and I am notified so I may come
    and marvel. :)

    It may be printed out... not like I could stop you :) Just please keep it

    This solve/walkthrough and any subsequent updates can always [Hopefully] be found/available at the following site;

    Game Faqs []

    Devil World is Copyright of Konami, 1987
    This Guide is Copyright Mr. Kelly Flewin, 2007
    Copyright Time Traveller's Inc. 2007

    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
  10. 05-11-2007, 07:52 AM
    I was in the penultimate room? Well, crap! - ZM
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