- Jeffrey Dean Lowe, Jr.

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  1. - Jeffrey Dean Lowe, Jr.

    08-14-2007, 09:47 AM
    Alright, alas, being newly re-employed, my time for the scoreboard/website has been limited. Sad but true, distractions seem to suck the big one.

    I check my website today to see my database GONE. Can't even access my ********** to see what could theoretically be recovered.

    Due to the aforementioned distractions, I admit that I had forgotten to grab a backup of the scoreboard.

    In other words...


    Please please PLEASE tell me someone out there was smarter than I, and had downloaded a copy of all the top scores, therefore keeping a backup of all the scores since it included a text file with it.

    Intense. Hatred.
    - Jeffrey "J.D." Lowe
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