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  1. Explain your Name and/or Avatar

    03-11-2008, 08:17 AM
    I?m very curious as to why people chose certain screen names or identities. Some I find fascinating, others I can?t comprehend at all, but would like to find out.

    Some are easy:
    Martin Bedard ? THE PRO (fitting)
    Tim Balderramos ? PACMANTAB (Pac-Man + Tim A. Balderramos)

    Some are baffling:
    John Cunningham ? WEEHAWK?
    David Nelson ? BERNARD?

    Some I don?t see how they apply at all:

    I?m also very curious about how certain people pronounce their real names. Although I know these now, I had trouble with:
    Weeb or Wee-BEE?
    Alpi-Jer or Alpi-Ger
    AbDner or Abner
    Pastore or PastoREE
    And the one that gets butchered the most - MRUCZEK.

    I?ll start the ball rolling: my screen name is pretty self-explanatory. My Avatar is a picture I drew of my son as the Kid Flash :wink:
    (I just changed it to Sinistar for the time being. Inside joke... :wink: )
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