Issue #1 - Tony Temple is the Guinness World Record Holder

  1. Issue #1 - Tony Temple is the Guinness World Record Holder

    03-21-2008, 06:52 PM
    Issue #1 - Tony Temple is the \"officially\" recognized Guinness World Record Holder on Missile Command?

    Fairfield, Iowa - March 21, 2008 -- Tony Temple is still the world champion on Missile Command.

    The newly-released Guinness World Records-Gamer's Edition 2008 published this quote: \"Highest Missile Command score (TGTS). On 9 March 2006, Tony Temple (UK) scored 1,967,830 on Missile Command under Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings. This has caused much controversy: previous record holder Roy Shildt (USA) scored 1,695,265 in 1985 using a harder setting that decreases cursor speed.\"

    Though Twin Galaxies supplied a significant amount of content to the new Gamer's Edition, Twin Galaxies did not submit any information to Guinness pertaining to Roy Shildt's claim that he played on \"a harder setting that decreases cursor speed.\" Mr. Shildt submitted this claim directly to Guinness without Twin Galaxies' knowledge.

    Although the Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition has been out barely four weeks, we have received many letters of concern generated by this listing. We forwarded your concerns to Guinness World Records and requested that they review the matter.

    Guinness World Records issued the following statement:

    \"Guinness World Records confirms that the information that pertains to Roy Shildt's Missile Command listing in the Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition 2008 was not received from or approved by Twin Galaxies. Guinness World Records gave recognition to Mr. Shildt's score because it had been carried in the 1985 Guinness Book of World Records - U.S. Edition and was considered a part of Guinness' archival legacy.

    Furthermore, Guinness World Records is aware that Twin Galaxies disputes Mr. Shildt's record. Also, Guinness World Records is aware that Twin Galaxies has important information on Missile Command Difficulty Settings that must be considered before any further Missile Command scores are published in future Guinness World Records publications.

    Guinness World Records requires all future Missile Command scores to be set on the established Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings. In this light, Guinness World Records recognizes Tony Temple as the Missile Command Guinness World Record holder playing on the officially approved Missile Command Settings.\"
    This statement from Guinness World Records clearly establishes that Tony Temple's high-score is the \"official\" Guinness World Record. The statement acknowledges that the difficulty settings established by Twin Galaxies (Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings) are considered the \"official\" settings for establishing a Guinness World Record on Missile Command and all future scores submitted on Missile Command must be achieved only on Twin Galaxies' Tournament Settings (TGTS).

    Guinness World Records is now evaluating further evidence supplied by Twin Galaxies that contends that \"difficulty serttings\" were not employed on Missile Command during the 1980s, thereby making Roy Shildt's claim of \"harder settings\" impossible to verify or prove.
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