10-player Bomberman for Sega Saturn for sale

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  1. 10-player Bomberman for Sega Saturn for sale

    03-27-2008, 10:33 PM
    Hi guys,

    I've just listed this on ebay :

    I thought I'd let everybody know on here, because I'm betting some of you may be interested.

    It's all the stuff you need to play 10-player Bomberman on your Sega Saturn.

    Some of you may remember me asking about Sega Saturn multi-tap adapters a couple months ago. Some of you actually took the time to check your local video game stores to try and locate one for me, and I thank you for that. Here's the story.

    Many years ago I was invited to a very special video game party hosted by a friend of mine. He had this video game party only once a year, at which time he dug out all his video game stuff (and this guy had a LOT of stuff, especially lots of rare and prototype games). Also, every year at this party he held a tournament on a video game of his choice. The first year I attended his party, the tournament game he organized was a 10-player battle mode tournament on Bomberman for the Sega Saturn. It was nothing short of monumental, and I can honestly say (this coming from a life-long video game player, collector, and enthusiast), it was the most incredible video gaming multi-player experience I have ever had the priviledge to participate in. It was absolute BEDLAM! Well... that guy who always hosted this party once a year has since moved away, and I decided that I wanted to be the guy who has the big video game party every year and invite my gaming friends over for a night of fun.

    I've been meaning to organize this special video game party for a long time now, and I've been putting it off for far too long. So I decided to just DO IT... and I paired it with my favorite holiday of the entire calendar year: GROUNDHOG DAY! Yeah, I know what your saying... \"what? Groundhog Day? nobody likes Groundhog day\" well... that's why I like it; it's such an idiotic theme for a holiday, but I think that's what makes it so charming to me! So I invited my local friends over for the FIRST annual Nelson Groundhog Day Video Game Invitational, held on Saturday February 2nd. I also wanted to mark this historic event by putting together this 10-player Bomberman tournament like my friend did, so that my new friends today can enjoy it as I did. I started scouring all over, trying to come up with all the necessary pieces and accessories, and I was able to pull it off (just in the nick of time too, some pieces had to be overnight express shipped to get in time for the party!) Once again, thank you to everyone that offered their help in trying to help me obtain some of the pieces I needed. We all had a great time, and my friends that attended also agreed that 10-player Bomberman was like nothing they've every experienced. It's one of the rarest and most enjoyable multi-player games that a gamer can ever have.

    Jason Cram won the 10-player Bomberman tournament by the way, and he took home the \"GOLDEN JOYSTICK\" trophy for winning. Hopefully I can post a picture of it soon. Or maybe Jason would be kind enough to do that for me (as the only picture I took of it was on my lame phone).

    Now... Bomberman the game has a very long history and has seen ports of it on numerous game systems and is still produced today for moden home consoles. Many of these versions included a battle mode in which anywhere from 1-4 players could battle it out on a single game screen and try to blow each other up with bombs! However, ONLY the verison of Bomberman for the Sega Saturn allowed for a whopping TEN PLAYERS AT ONCE battle mode. Hopefully you've got a big TV, because 10 of you will be battling it out simultaneously on one screen, all trying to blow up the other 9 players with your bombs.

    I actually had a fun time trying to gather all the pieces together for my own 10-player Bomberman setup, that I thought there might be some people out there that would enjoy having a 10-player Bomberman setup of their own, and hosting awesome video game parties for their friends. But it kind of was a pain in the neck to get all the parts. So I thought I'd put together a complete set and offer it up for sale on ebay; and here it is. Everything you need to play 10-player Bomberman on your Sega Saturn is in this auction listing. If you were to piece this stuff together yourself, you should plan on spending well over $100 (the multi-tap adapters were the hardest and most expensive to find, not to mention the game itself... it's not very common.) If you look through my other auctions in the next day or so, I should be listing at least one Sega Saturn game system, and it is also very likely that I will be able to offer up ANOTHER complete 10-player Bomberman setup. So please keep checking my other auction listings.

    So there you have it. My first annual Groundhog Day video game party was a huge success, and the 10-player Bomberman tournament was just AWESOME, and now you can own your very own 10-player Bomberman setup for your Sega Saturn and be as cool as me! (well, you can try anyways!) :)
  2. another one for sale

    03-30-2008, 05:43 PM
    Hey everyone.

    I just listed a second 10-player Bomberman set up for Sega Saturn :

    I also listed a Sega Saturn home console system :

    Thanks for looking.
  3. 03-30-2008, 08:40 PM
    Hey Guys, for anyone who hasn't played 10-player Bomberman yet, it is freakin' awesome!!! Some of us would gang up on others (and someone I had an alliance with needs to work on not killing me! Chris!) and it is crazy how much is going on. The game just rocked. We had such any awesome time during Dave's party. (Thanks again Dave, it really was an awesome night!!!) Even after Jason won the tournament, we played a few more rounds. We just couldn't get enough of it. I think we finally left around 6 am. We need to do it again SOON!!!! So, anyone who hasn't played it yet - think about it, it is really worth the look.
  4. ending soon

    04-03-2008, 12:28 PM
    The first 10-player Bomberman auction ends tonight at 11:16pm (EST) my time. (this is the one with the game in it's original case).

    The second 10-player Bomberman auction (with just the game disc, no game case or book), as well as the auction for the Sega Saturn system, ends Sunday evening.

    Thanks for looking everyone!
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