Thanks everybody for a great DECA!

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  1. Thanks everybody for a great DECA!

    07-02-2008, 07:13 PM
    As a first-timer in the TG DECA I have to say that I was pleased on how it was run, and the level of competition.

    Cutting to the chase, thank you to the referees who sacrificed time and energy to make sure that the contestants were taken care of.

    I cannot forgot about the players. All of you playerspushed myself to score much higher than I could've imagined for most games. I even met 2 gaming goals during the DECA (200k on Bubbles ; 100k on Rampage).

    Individual shoutouts:

    Patrick: You made every game look so easy and effortless. If the results stay true as of now, congrats on this victory.

    Marco: You are very talented, and if it weren't for your Bubbles' INPs, I probably would have been short of my goal of 200k. Like Patrick, you are an amazing talent.

    Everyone else, thank you for making my first DECA experience the best ever.

    Until down the road,

    Gavin :D 8)
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