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  1. - Michael Silva

    07-22-2008, 07:36 AM
    Hey fellas,
    Im a new memebr, this is my first time posting and i have a couple questions concerning this bounty.

    1st of all as i understand it, there is a $250.00 reward to someone who can beat the top score of 504,820 points on the arcade machine (which i happen to own). Or the one on the MAME of 588,010.

    I've played this game 8 times as i just bought the arcade machine and i can easily achieve a score over 50,000.

    My question is this:
    Is this top score these players achieved after continous game completions off of one quarter?

    Reason why i ask this is beacause after you beat the game a cut scene appears and it takes you back to the 1st level with the same score you finished the game at but the difficulty of the enemies is harder.

    Did these individuals keep beatin the game untill they lost all there lives OR did they quite simply record their highest score achieved after they got to the cutscence?

    I have a feeling these high scorers beat the game numerous times off the 1 credit i just need to make sure so when i go to do it, i do it right.

    Thanks for your time
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