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  1. 08-18-2008, 06:26 PM
    just got 96,660 second day ever playing on my mame just downloaded it yesterday can anyone tell me if this is generaly good
  2. 08-18-2008, 06:26 PM
    just got 96,660 second day ever playing on my mame just downloaded it yesterday can anyone tell me if this is generaly good
  3. 08-18-2008, 06:32 PM

    Depends on what your goal is. I think you will be \"pretty good\" if you can consistently reach the orange levels from a level 9 start. You will really start getting the hang of it if you can reach the yellow levels from a level 9 start.

    I should add that I am basing \"pretty good\" and \"getting the hang of it\" based on arcade play. I'm not sure how you are set up for MAME, especially given the controls for Tempest. I hope that you are able to use a trackball to play the game, as that would make the experience much more realistic than using a keyboard.

    -- Richard
  4. 09-29-2008, 04:28 PM

    You will do well listening to Richard; he's very good. I also second Oxx's advice about finding the best place to sit. Most beginning players will move around more than necessary but sitting in a place or two has great advantages.

    The best place to sit on a symmetrical level like number 1 (circle) is that place which has the least on-screen distance between your claw and the center where aliens are forming, usually the bottom of the screen. The formation process can be watched more effectively this way through peripheral vision and this is critical at level 49 (light blue levels.) The exception to this is when you get a very big angle which helps kill flippers, such as with the \"nook\" on level 15 (the only asymmetrical shape.)

    The tip sites posted are all accurate.

    If you like mame, you will love the arcade hardware. The spinner is not easily duplicated by a mouse. Richard is right, a trackball at a minimum is needed. On older hardware I found there to be a significantly different \"feel\" to the game in Mame vs. the arcade hardware. It might be that mame is better now on faster hardware.

    Pretty much the same techniques that work for the blue and red levels will get you through the yellow ones as well. After level 48, a whole different approach is needed and this is where most players hit a wall.

    The advice I'd give you for getting through there and beyond would sound a little loopey to you unless you've been up there and hit the wall yourself so I'll leave it for another day. For now nothing is more important than timing those flippers with the shooting hand.

    Good luck,

  5. 10-01-2008, 02:16 PM
    Great thread!

    Man, I wish I owned a Tempest. I could get to the Black levels back in da day but never mastered getting past the last few to make it to green. I never knew about the hail mary fuse ball \"hop\". Thats really cool. Mostly I would let my buddy Mike Zintel get to greens and then start at green when he left the machine.

    So do you \"listen\" for the pulse or look at the break in the top of the screen to time the pulsar kills.

    also, I seem to get big latency when playing with a tank stick trackball. anyone know the best way to get rid of this lag? I'm using MAMEUI wolfMAMEplus 106
  6. 06-17-2016, 12:13 PM
    I own a Tempest and play fairly regularly. I top out at around level 70-73 (just shy of the stepped V in the invisible levels). Are their any tips you have for breaking through these levels once you've the wall there?
    About the only new technique I started focusing on is to focus on the neighborhood around my position, trying to include the dots before they enter the tube and become enemies, so that I can try to avoid the lanes an enemy is about to enter (in case they are a zapper).
    I have a feeling that at this level and beyond that it's sheer peripheral awareness and raw reflex speed (i.e. jedi level hand-eye coordination, and tricks/strategy no longer help).
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