05-22-2008, 10:13 PM
    I saw this on the CGEXPO website, and felt as though I had to share the bad news...


    We kind of ran into a brick wall this year folks. There are several reasons why we're not going to be able to host a show this year. We can't get into all of the reasons, but the main one is the location. The Riviera, where CGE was held in 2007, didn't have much interest in having us back for 2008.

    Despite the fact that we fulfilled our requirements with them, our calls went unanswered and when we were finally able to pin them down, they gave us a bit of a run around and finally stopped returning our calls again. We never really got a straight answer from them, but the disinterest was most likely due to the amount of space that we require versus the number of rooms we can fill. CGE has also traditionally not increased casino revenues all that much in years past, so it's possible that had something to do with it as well.

    People are constantly emailing us asking \"Why don't you have it here\"? Take my word for it, we'd like nothing more than to have it in Chicago or New York where we're located. The fact of the matter is, we try to have it in a place where there's something else to do when the show is over AND we try to be as conveniently located as possible for our guests. There's a reason why guys like Al Alcorn, Nolan Bushnell, David Crane and all the others come to CGE each year at THEIR OWN EXPENSE. It's because the show is held relatively close to where they live and it's in a place that they like to visit. Not to mention the fact that all our stuff is in storage in Las Vegas and moving it cross-country is something we simply can't afford.

    Bottom line is, so long as there's a CGE, it will be held in the Las Vegas area.

    In addition to the location, John has some work-related and personal issues that prevent him from taking any time away from home and work this summer.

    Initially, we thought maybe we'd just do it without John (he doesn't really do any work anyway :) ), but the location problem is something that will have to be overcome by us as a team. It's very difficult to find a suitable place for CGE.

    Anyway, not to worry, there WILL be a CGE 2009! People said we were done when we didn't do a show in 2006 but there we were back in your face in 2007! In all honestly and seriousness, once we find a home (and that home may back at The Plaza or somewhere downtown again) that is serious about having us back year after year, has enough space that we won't be crammed into, and that we can afford, we're there and we'll be there every year.

    John, Sean, & Joe

    Classic Gaming Expo
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