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    03-02-2012, 04:33 AM
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    Ok, the one man only, continuous play has been added for T&F MAME. Who is going to put up a score for this title first?
    Tommi and me already started working :wink: but as I'm not very familiar with TG, will a MAME INP be enough for this or do you need video evidence? I don't have (and don't plan to have for the time being) video streaming/recording equipment to support my gameplay... thanks,

    INP is always enough for MAME. Must be recorded using WolfMAME 0.106 to be accepted by TG
    Yea, I just hope these scores don't end up being like 5 million but you never know. :lol:
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    03-02-2012, 04:49 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Ripper
    Yea, I just hope these scores don't end up being like 5 million but you never know. :lol:
    Be prepared for anything with these two playing! :D
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    03-02-2012, 07:36 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Ripper
    Yea, I just hope these scores don't end up being like 5 million but you never know. :lol:
    That's funny.

    I was going to shoot for lot more than that when I attempt this.

    If you need me, I'll be on the 7th floor. No Mames. No steering wheels.
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    03-03-2012, 11:59 AM
    Defender TGES/TGXS - maximum difficulty: 99-99/20K - Green ROMs (important)

    I've said it before, but I think this classic title really would benefit from a high speed track - it's that kind of game: all slick manouevres and reflexes.
    Last time I remember getting some sour comment that hinted this was only because I couldn’t beat Bill Jones’ TGTS score. But bitd – among my buddies - your maximum difficulty score was what counted as your best performance: this was how good a Defender player you were. So I have a tradition with playing at max. When I started to play again in 2010, I quickly realized what an impressive record Bill Jones’ TGTS score is. But I also felt Defender is so much more than the kind of highly concentrated no-mistakes-grinding you have to be able to deliver for a good TGTS score. Playing at “max” is pretty much the opposite of TGTS. First: it’s ultra fast; second: it’s the “standard” hunt for the next extra ship/smart bomb; third: the goal is to get into the “zone”, i.e. when a combination of confidence, skills and inspired chance play is rewarded, and you play at the top of your capability (or, the feeling is rather above it). It’s inspired chance play like that that’ll make you pull off those stunts and narrow escapes at breakneck speed that’s at the heart of playing Defender at max.
    And – for the record – there’s no doubt in my mind that anyone who can pull off a 500K score on TGTS, will also be able to monster performances on max difficulty settings – there’s just never been a track for them to show the whole spectrum of their Defender skills.

    #8 - Bonus Ship level: 20.000 pts
    #9 - Ships per game: 5
    #18 - Starting Difficulty = 99
    #19 - Progressive Wave Difficulty Limit = 99
    #21 - Planet Restore Wave Number: 5

    The red ROMs are bad enough at max, but difficulty never progesses after 30 (even if you actually can set it to 99). On the Blue and Green ROMs, however, difficulty escalates all the way up to 99. The Blue ROMs are reputed to be the hardest (the genealogy is Blue-Green-Red), though I can't feel any difference from the Greens at max (?). But on Tournament settings (difficulty 5-15), the Blues and Greens are way harder than the Reds. So if you're going for the TGTS record - be sure to play the Red ROMs.

    The Blue/Green ROMs at max is an evil game: on wave 1 the first Baiter appears before the second dump of Landers, and soon a new Baiter materializes every second. Difficulty reaches max (99) at wave 5. The Landers are lifting your Humanoids so fast you can't catch up if you're behind - the waves you get 10 new Humanoids to defend can quickly collapse into mayhem and the losing of several ships and smart bombs. Try it out - it's a hoot!

    EDIT: This should be done for MAME too (Green label), since some of the best players play Defender/Stargate in MAME exclusively (but on an original CP, or at least a custom CP with the original layout). This will broaden the competition. I'll soon go MAME too - I'm just waiting for my CP to arrive.

    EDIT #2: Here's a sample game of my own to show you what it's all about:
    "Defender arcade game - 909K on hardest settings":

    EDIT #3: A description of the differences between the ROM sets on KLOV (by me): ... ?p=1617141
    DEFENDER: 999.975 pts (Blue Roms / max difficulty: 99-99 / Bonus ship level: 10K)
  5. 01-26-2015, 04:50 PM
    Arcade Atari Assault and Assault Plus(Japan)
  6. 08-17-2015, 06:21 PM
    Heavy Unit
  7. 06-13-2017, 01:13 PM
    Could we add the Arcade version of Namco's Cyber Sled?

    Play Settings:

    1 Player vs. Computer
    Software "dip switch" settings

    Normal Difficulty:

    Option #2 - "C" - Time: 1P vs. Computer
    Option #5 - "C" - Difficulty

    Hardest Difficulty:

    Option #2 - "E" - Time 1P vs. Computer
    Option #5 - "E" - Difficulty

    Also, the PS1 version of the game on Twin Galaxies is listed as "Cybersled"

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