Issue #13 - Steve Wiebe's Mysterious Awards Certificate

  1. Issue #13 - Steve Wiebe's Mysterious Awards Certificate

    04-12-2009, 09:14 AM
    Issue #13 - Steve Wiebe's Mysterious Awards Certificate

    I refer to this as the "mysterious" awards certificate because it seemed to disappear into a void, never having the effect I had hoped for. At 1:20.59 on the Timer the movie announces Steve's new score of 1,049,100 points. To Celebrate Steve's new score of 1,049,100 points, achieved in August, 2006, the screen is suddenly filed with a close-up of Steve holding an official Twin Galaxies Certificate for the Donkey Kong World Record. The audience presumes that this official certificate is an official statement from Twin Galaxies acknowledging this new score. However, this certificate was sent to Steve more than a year earlier -- right after Funspot, dated on June 11, 2005. I had felt bad about the difficulties at Funspot and wanted to make absolutely certain that he knew Twin Galaxies had the highest regards for him and that we did recognize his 985,600-point-score as the new world record. So, I created this Awards Certificate and promptly sent it off to Steve.

    However, ironically, even though the certificate was in Steve's hands, available at any time to the producers of "The King of Kong" (as this scene clearly shows), the fact that Steve was honored for his 985,600-point-score is completely avoided by the movie plot and, instead, the audience is purposefully led to believe that Steve got no recognition for his 985,600-point world record. So, Twin Galaxies' best efforts to do good are cast to the wayside and then, ironically, the ignored certificate itself actually turns up as a prop in the movie, attributed to Steve's later score. Apparently, the movie makers didn't feel that the "good-will intent" of the certificate was important enough to mention in the movie, but it would make a good visual to fill out a scene in a pinch.
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