New Galaxian WR

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    05-23-2009, 08:41 PM

    Please tell me that a ref was present, or that he recorded that game, and it is already official.

    Congrats Aart...just wish I could have been there to see it.

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    05-24-2009, 05:48 AM
    Very nice indeed. :D
    Stephen K. Boyer
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    05-24-2009, 12:30 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by DaScooter
    Aart scored 1.97 MILLION on Galaxian at Funspot earlier today. This breaks Gary Whelan's (current) WR by over 800,000. Way to go Aart - Congratulations -now break 2M during the tourney and make it official
    Quote Originally Posted by PERodgers2003
    Please tell me that a ref was present, or that he recorded that game, and it is already official.
    Twin Galaxies Scoreboard: Galaxian ... 74&vi=1246
          Rank %   Points     Player         Date Verified
    1st  100.00 %  1,114,550  gary S whelan  09/25/2006   Referee
    2nd   71.75 %    799,680  Aart van Vliet  05/30/2008   Referee
    The TG Galaxian high score table does not show Aart Van Vliet's 1.97 million score And DaScooter wrote that the score needs to be done during the tourney to make it official.
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    05-24-2009, 01:34 PM
    Please tell me that a ref was present, or that he recorded that game, and it is already official.
    Unfortunately, no on both counts. I went up to Funspot on Friday after getting out of work early and Aart was just finishing up the game. He didn't bring a camcorder with him and there were no TG refs around. After Aart finished, I did take a short video of the screen showing the score so that will likely be the only record of the score.
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    05-24-2009, 02:47 PM
    perhaps that was only a warm-up game?!?! hehe

    congrats Aart!
    --Rick Carter
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    05-24-2009, 02:51 PM
    Bummer that nobody was around and no tape was rollin.

    However... knowing Aart... he'll do it again this week.
    Patrick Scott Patterson

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    05-25-2009, 08:31 AM
    Fantastic score Aart ! At Funspot X , I remember me and Perry watching you , both thinking your game was awesome . Thought I`d have to bring a 1 Million plus game to Funspot ........... 2 Millions Just crazy :lol:

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    06-03-2009, 12:57 PM
    Thx everybody, for your kind words & congrats!
    Just don't ask me why i enjoy playing Galaxian for over 5 hours, i have no clue lol.

    I got a 1,653,xxx a couple days later tho, also took 5 hrs...
    i didn't jot the score down myself as the whole thing's on tape (BIG thx to Greg Laue for recording it! Owe u 1 ;)), AND the classy Mr. Kelly Flewin witnessed the start of the game, the 1M roll-over, and the end of the game, thankyou ref Mr. Kelly F. for taking the time!

    Even with all that, the verification is pending/uncertain, here's why...
    (and sorry for the lengthy tale, details are important!):

    There are 2 different original Namco Galaxian version, and there are 2 different licensed Midway versions. The only 2 differences between Namco & Midway versions are the position of the 'Bonus Galaxip at (x)x,000' text, and the 'Namco' or 'Midway' logo below the score advance table in the attract mode. And the difference between boardset 1 versus set 2 is that the enemy attack-patterns are slightly different, and that their missiles travel much more diagonally than in Set 1. Set 2 is generally considered the harder version.

    I found what looks to be an original manual, with dips & the whole 9 yards:

    Namco Set 1 (program #1 in the original manual): TG MAME version; desired arcade boardset.
    Midway Set 1 (program #1 in the original manual): Also the desired arcade boardset; what the FunSpot Galaxian machine is currently set to and the settings at which 1.65M should be verified! :P
    Namco/Midway Set 2 (program #2 in original manual): Modified 'clone(s)' (but not really!)...

    So as far as i can tell, basically when private or arcade owners got their Galaxian machines out of the box it came in, they could choose to set the game to program 1 or 2, #1 being the most commonly seen version which makes sense because it's the default setting out the box. If they so desired, owners could use a 'pin-popper' to switch out the eproms to utilize program #2 for the more difficult version.

    ('Stole' this from Stephan's site, just to illustrate, hope he won't mind! No pin-popper used, just a screwdriver :) )

    The boardset which was in the Galaxian machine at FunSpot up until November 24th, is a Midway pcb - and it was set to Program #2, apparently (always thought it was Namco, but it's not! I just checked it from the game of 782k on boardset 2 which Mark recorded for me last November). If you ask any and all Galaxian players, we will tell you that boardset 2 (albeit Namco or Midway) is not considered the original version of Galaxian, but a modified and more difficult 'clone'-program, i.e. "Program No. 2" from the manual.

    Anyway as I completed 799k on Perry Rodgers' board on 5/30/08 at FunSpot, the incomparable icon of videogaming Mr. Walter Day saw and logged this score for the books (i was actually attempting, with 2 ships left and FunSpot closing, to round it off at exactly 800k, but failed!). After Perry left, the Midway boardset 2 version was put back in.

    I knew that if Perry brought his own board (as he did for FS X, bless the dude), there would be no discussion as to its validity; altho i have no knowledge of what type of validation was done on Perry's board to make it TG-approved. However I knew that Perry was not coming to FunSpot in November 2008, and so i roamed around asking if anybody including FunSpot had an extra Galaxian Set 1 board (which was not the case, but perhaps I might have searched more fervently but i was running out of time).

    I then decided to contact, very cool & righteous guy called Stephan Suys, to see if he could help me to somehow 'upgrade' an existing boardset 2 back into the what we consider the original version, boardset 1. I think it was Eric Liddell who suggested the hobbyroms site to me (can't remember)? Anyway here is the email reply to my request last November:

    Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 22:27:52 -0500
    Subject: Re: A Hobbyroms Rom :P


    I would be happy to help.

    The difference between Namco Set 1 and Namco Set 2
    is only the 3 graphic eproms located at 7F, 7J and 7L.

    I can send you those three eproms for you to swap your Set 2 into a Set 1.
    The cost to program and ship the 3 eproms is $20.

    The only catch is that I'm located in Canada,
    and [regular] shipping will take 7-10 days,
    so it could be tight to get it to you for your Funspot visit next week...

    There is however an Expedited mail service which is 5 days,
    but costs $10 more....

    I take Paypal at
    and could ship right away (ie. Wed Morning...)

    So let me know what you wish to do.



    To be clear, in reference to the email above, i once again stress that the Namco/Midway discrepancy makes NO difference whatsoever to gameplay - the fact that Mr Suys programmed the eproms with Namco in mind, and they work perfectly (almost divinely) on the FunSpot Midway board, corroborates this. There's merely a textual alteration (to substantiate Midway's licensing), as mentioned earlier.

    So now, those 3 eproms were switched out on the last Sunday I was there last November, on the 24th, i played it til 350,000 and it played sooooo sweet & perfect, which was awesome. Please keep in mind that between both main sets 1 & 2, those 3 [graphics] eproms are the one and only difference. The rest of the boardset, pcb, wiring etc, is identical. So switching out the 3 eproms is 100% identical to removing the Set 2 board and replacing it with Set 1, only much quicker and more efficient! Hey, don't mess around any more than necessary with 30-year-old pcbs i guess!! I wouldn't want to remove the whole board either, unless it's something that connects & disconnects easily like jamma.

    Now granted it may have been 'cleaner' to TG/CAGdc to swap out the 2 boards in their entirity, but as indicated, a Set 1 was unavailable to me at the time. I did not pursue it again afterwards because i felt certain that it would be accepted this way, mainly because a fully functional 're-modified' original is better than keeping the Set 2 'clone'! Also, after switching out the eproms there is nothing whatsoever in the gameplay that is different from how the original version should play (it is after all just an ultra-simplistic shooter game). The only settings difference i played on with my (hopefully-to-be-veriefied-)1.65M, is the free ship score (a dip-switchable setting), which btw i had asked (twice) to plz be set back from 20k to 7k but i guess they forgot me :( . The free ship setting is completely irrelevant tho, and would only be relevant if, for example, the initial free ship was at 1,007,000 OR 1,020,000 :P but it isn't... and even more relevant if you acquired an additional ship at said scores... but guess what, you don't.

    Gary Whelan was telling me, that if he sets the dipswitches on his home Galaxian machine to what TG lists on the track, the free ship score sets to 20k. Possibly a discrepancy with his cocktail version, because when comparing the dipswitch setting in the manual (for program #1) to the TG settings, it does actually check out fine (sry Gary!). One odd thing tho, is that in the manual, the free ship scores range from 3k-7k and don't exceed 7,000 on any setting combo; so i have no idea where the higher free ship settings come from...

    Anyway I figured that sooner or later TG would split off the Galaxian arcade track into separate Set 1 and Set 2 tracks, considering that both versions are equally available, and considering as well that TG does not specify which version (or licenser) the scores under the Galaxian arcade track should be achieved on, or indeed were achieved on -
    To start with, one cannot be certain that all listed scores were made on the original boardset 1, whether it be Namco or Midway. In my opinion this doesn't matter (much) because we DO know that the top 3 scores were achieved on boardset 1, and all other scores that were played on the harder romset would almost automatically be lower anyway. But that still by no means excludes the possibility that scores for clearly differing versions of Galaxian are intermingled in one track!

    I think the bottom line is, as Gary Whelan and I were discussing at FunSpot last week, if the players agree that whatever machine is playing identical to what it should (and trust me, we know the nuances), there shouldn't be a verification problem. I feel it's playing perfectly, Gary concurs, and we both think Perry would as well, as there is nothing to indicate any difference, not even slight ones. Now plz verify :twisted:

    Maybe a TG ref could plz lemme know if next time a 2 player game on Galaxian is acceptable, in order to determine if the Million digit is visible on 2nd player! I'll be attempting that shortly in MAME.

    With Regards

    A hearty thx to Scootie btw for posting about my almost-2M score, thx! ;)
    I also forgot to mention that it was 1,987,xxx not 1.97M, so just that much more agonizing being a mere 13k from the big 2!! :cry:
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    06-03-2009, 06:17 PM
    It blows me away that anyone could play Galaxian that long.

    Awesomeness Aart
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    06-04-2009, 02:54 AM
    Congratulations Aart on both your now verified (as per the front page right now) 1,653,270 and the unofficial 1.987M score. Hell of a performance mate. I can see a pattern forming here though. IIRC your PB on Ms Pac was an unrecorded 950K+ and now we have an unrecorded 1.9M+ on Galaxian. Might be time to invest in a video camera methinks. And don't leave home without it. :wink:


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