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  1. - PAUL

    05-28-2009, 02:26 PM
    well, I always wanted to do this for my own info. so, decided to post it here if anyone else is interested.

    I made a "picture index" for the Book of Records, 1998 Ed. not sure if it is 1st edition since it does not say so, but it probably is. I only included names of people who are in the picture who have a caption about them.

    since the "autographs" are a bit popular now, I thought it would be handy to find the name and the page.

    sorry about any spelling errors.

    hope it helps!!



    Walter Day/Deborah Roberts – p.39
    Ronald Bailey – p.57
    Perry Rodgers – p.62
    John Barone/Cathy Silvers/Jerry Momoda – p.64
    Mark Alpiger – p.74
    Martin Ribbins – p.74
    Tom Rhoades – p.77
    Jack Gale/Chris Ayra/Billy Mitchell/Steve Harris – p.80
    Danny Rodriguez – p.83
    Eddie Lee/Jon VanBidder/Peter Stanfield/Travis McPherson/Matty Manahan/Eric Taylor/Chris Stillman – p.88
    Walter Day/Jolly Backer – p.99
    Robert Johnson/Steve O’Donnell/William Hays – p.111
    Chris Ayra – p.116
    Chris Ayra/Doris Self – p.126
    Chris Delfs – p.129
    Leo Daniels/Matthew Nelson/Brandon Smith – p.137
    Brian Clemens – p.143
    Chris Emery/Greg Sakundiak/Dwayne Richard – p.151
    Brandon Lloyd/Jason Hays – p.159
    Joe Kelly – p.162
    Joe Salamasina – p.170
    Jason Wilson – p.173
    Mark Robichek/Eric Ginner – p.177
    Robert Cordova – p.180
    Tish Sweet – p.183
    Rick Stetta – p.189
    Tim McMurry – p.195
    Neil Shatz/Jim Sweet/Greg Lindsey – p.200
    Jim Sweet/Jim Hernandez/Josh Lehan/Hal Ericson/Marc Conant – p.207
    Michael Youngblood – p.214
    Andrew Kearney – p.219
    Sarah Brown – p.225
    Glenn Caton/Jamie Caton/Richie Truxello/Russ Perreira/Roy Batchelor/Jim Sweet/Tish Sweet – p.235
    Mark Sargent – p.262
    Steven Harris – p.324
    Lafe Travis – p.324
    Walton Gibson – p.340
    Taben Winter – p.397
    Steve Krogman – p.492
    Steven Harris/Anthony Felt/Daniel Mescon/Andrew Gallagher/Gregory Gallagher/Michael Macey/Chauncey Moulding/Oliver Armstrong/Mike Hans-Price/Matthew Tourenne/Mitra Muehlman/Randy Roe/Walter Day – p.511
    Andrew Gallagher/Shawn Charleston – p.689
    Walter Day – p.744
    Walter Day – p.747
    Walter Day – p.762
    Walter Day – p.764
    Enrico Ferroreli – p.776
    Billy Mitchell/Darren Olson/Ben Gold – p.777
    Steve Sanders – p.777
    Cary Hahn – p.793
    Lyle Holman/Mark Hoff/Cary Hahn/Walter Day – p.794
    Walter Day/Ben Gold – p.797
    Spencer Oueren/Tom Asaki/Don Williams – p.810
    Tim McVey/Walter Day – p.814
    Alvino Williams – p.816
    Eddie Adlum/Walter Day/Glenn Braswell/Don Osborn – p.820
    Tim Foland/Robin Bowman/Walter Day – p.821
    Governor Branstad – p.823
    Doug McAtee/Tim Foland/Ben Gold/Mike Puskarich/Steve Harris/Lyle Holman/Pete Corpeny/Steve Sanders/Billy Mitchell/Robin Bowman/John Saffel/Spencer McAtee/Judd Boone/Lee Whitney/Walter Day/Mike Buck/Roogie Elliot – p.824
    Jim Riley/Walter Day – p.831
    Gene Sprague/Ray Bersabe/Mike Ternasky/Troy Kindred/Mark Bersabe/Todd Walker/Eric Ginner/Vanzell Kirk/Tony LaVigna/Dave Villec – p.853
    Walter Day/Leo Daniels/Ben Gold/Mark Hoff/Eric Ginner/Billy Mitchell/Chris Emery – p.855
    Mike Klug/Mark Hoff/Lyle Holman/Shawn Turner/Biller McAllister/Walter Day/Riccardo Albini/Tom Gault/Steve Harris/Billy Mitchell/Tim Collum/Chris Emery/Tim McVey/Steve Sanders/Chris Ayra/Steve Burnett/Roger Sharpe/Robert Chavez – p.882
    Tom Gault/Tim McVey/Chris Emery – p.884
    Tim McVey – p.887
    Billy Mitchell/Steve Harris/Ben Gold – p.891
    Sandy Bettleman/Heith Bettleman – p.895
    Steve Harris/Cathy Silvers – p.897
    Phil Britt/Walter Day/Mike Sullivan/Jeff Peters/Jack Gale/Donn Nauert – p.898
    John Barone/Jolly Backer/Jerry Momoda/Steve Harris/Rob Boldt – p.899
    Al Bettleman/Leah Bettleman – p.901
    Steve Harris/Walter Day/Linda Fernandez/Dave Marofske/Stan Jarocki Jr – p.904
    Perry Rodgers/Donn Nauert/Walter Day/Tracy Ross/David Presley/Bo Rice – p.905
    Walter Day – p.908
    Anthony Scott – p.925
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