Reference: Video Game Price Charts

  1. Reference: Video Game Price Charts

    03-01-2010, 01:54 AM

    Wondering how much a specific console game is going for online? Here's one place that can help you get an idea whether you're buying or selling.

    Video Game Price checks 4 sites (eBay, JJGames, Amazon & on a daily basis to give you a 90-day aggregate "market value" & show you the pricing trends (length of trend records will vary, but can go up to 50 months).

    The site tracks prices for games, accessories & consoles of the major systems in the US & Canada.

    If your a person who's looking for a specific game for your collection or one considering on selling a game. You might want to check this site out & get on idea how much that title is going of online.

    [center:27zu4pk3]Legal Disclaimer:
    The site promotion within this post is the personal opinion of the poster & not is an endorsement of the website by Twin Galaxies. The site is just a reference guide for potentially buyers & sellers. Sellers are free to set any price on the items they wish to sell here.
  2. Re: Reference: Video Game Price Charts

    03-08-2010, 07:35 AM
    Hahaha, I love how they list Actraiser 2 as a racing game. Just missed, guys.

    It seems pretty solid otherwise, though. Thanks, Tim!
    Is PJ
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