[Dreamcast] Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

  1. [Dreamcast] Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

    06-23-2010, 11:09 AM
    Both flavours :) Are you man or woman enough to tackle the toy army and lead the way to victory? Let's see whatcha got!


    Army Men: Sarge's Heroes [Fastest Completion]

    No Codes Allowed
    Special Rules: This game will use the internal times for your Fastest Completion Run. Your final time will be the cumulative total of all 15 completed
    Stages. [Ex. If Mission 1-14 takes 1:00 each and Mission 15 takes 2:30, your final time will be 16m30s.] You MUST allow the time to be displayed for a few
    seconds after each Mission completion or you will risk your run being disqualified. You may retry any mission as many times as needed to complete it. You
    MUST complete all 15 Missions or your record/attempt will be disqualified.


    Mr. Kelly R. Flewin
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