Best games on the Jaguar?

  1. Best games on the Jaguar?

    03-26-2009, 04:29 PM
    I own a Jaguar but I am seriously lacking in games. I'd like to know what some of the best games are for the system.

    What games do you consider to be the best that the system had to offer? Why were they good and how do they compare to the others?
  2. Re: Best games on the Jaguar?

    03-26-2009, 11:01 PM
    Oh man, I still have mine stored back in New York. I must have about 15-20 games. A handful of those not even open.

    Tempest 2000 - The remake of the old vector classic, with shaded polygons, bonus levels, an awesome techno soundtrack and vibrant spatial sound effects, and pixelated explosive eye candy that comes together in a package that would be damn near perfect if it wasn't for the horrid Jaguar controller. Tempest X3 for the Playstation is roughly the same game but somehow it doesn't feel the same. I can't put my finger on it.

    Alien vs Predator - Unfortunately, I've never played it, it was hard to find a cartridge even by 1996 (no eBay back then). From what I can gather, there are 3 separate storylines, one each for Marine, Predator, and Alien, where you escape the space station, hunt the queen, or free the queen, respectively. It is a very strategic FPS in terms of how each role should be played to complete each scenario. For example, the Predator kills for honor, which unlocks weapons. Killing while cloaked deducts honor and limits your available weapons. The Alien can't heal, but Marines act as save points when you cocoon them. When you die, you come back to life from the spot of the oldest cocooned marine (up to 3 can be cocooned at a time). As the marine, or prisoner as it is, you have to find all your weapons, equipment and access keys, trigger the self-destruct and get off the station. Not much in terms of music, just ambiance that contributed to the suspenseful atmosphere overall. Graphics are textured Wolfenstein3D-like mazes with 2d sprites and a HUD overlay. The Predator, of course, had different types of vision as well. The PC games that came out later obviously had better graphics, but the atmosphere didn't seem as tense or clausterphobic. However, playing as the Alien was a LOT more fun and involving.

    These 2 games are pretty much the top games the Jaguar is known for.

    Other honorable mentions:
    Doom - my choice for best console port even if it is missing some enemies and some of the level layouts are different. Frame rate on low-res beats out many different computers I played on at the time. Not too shabby on hi-res, either. Both can be played with the largest window possible (but not without the status bar). There is also no background music. Ironically, music plays during the tally screens when you finish a level. So, it's just you and the sound effects. Pretty creepy for it's day.

    Iron Soldier - a mission-based giant mecha game. Lots of different weapons including a melee(fist) attack. Entirely destructible environments. Punch down a skyscraper? Of course! Mostly shaded polygons with a pretty smooth frame rate. The rare sequel, Iron Soldier 2 was released on both cart and CD, the cart being harder to find, and is probably the only instance where the same game for the same system was released on 2 different formats.

    Zool 2 - outwardly looks like a Sonic clone, but a great platformer in it's own right. I consider Zool 2's control scheme a weird cross between Sonic, Ninja Gaiden (NES), and Shinobi. It is also great example of how fast the Jaguar can draw 2D graphics.

    Defender 2000 - Does for Defender what T2K did for Tempest

    Missile Command 3D - a 3D, first-person, remake of Missile Command. Was originally developed for use with Atari/Virtuality produced VR headset. But since that never came to fruition, it was released as it was.

    Rayman - Ubisoft classic. A great platformer and the best looking 2D game on the Jaguar.

    Attack of the Mutant Penguins - It's hard to describe, it's kinda like lemmings but you're actually trying to kill the evil ones (the mutant penguins) and save the good penguins. They waddle in a line throughout the level until they reach the goal, the doomsday scale. If too many mutant penguins reach their side of the scale, then they trigger a button that destroys the earth. Use your characters and crazy weaponry and environmental traps to stun, stop and ultimately destroy the mutant penguins until the last penguin on the level, good or evil, reaches the scale.

    Wolfenstein 3D - A very good port of the original. It features higher res sprites than the PC version but suffers from the 'always facing you' syndrome of early first-person 3D games. At least it kept you on your toes because of that. It does lack score tracking, unfortunately.
  3. Re: Best games on the Jaguar?

    05-27-2009, 05:41 PM
    Though some you can get on other systems and some might not have aged well here are some of the best IMHO:

    Tempest 2000
    World Tour Racing (CD)
    Hoverstrike (CD) - cart version isnt quite as good
    Alien vs Predator
    Missile Command 3D
    Pitfall 3 The Mayan Adventures
    Iron Soldier 1 & 2
    Pinball Fanatasies
    Primal Rage (CD)

    There are some homebrews and a good site at:
  4. Re: Best games on the Jaguar?

    06-18-2009, 05:18 PM
    Pinball Fantasies!!!!

    and the remakes, Missle Command, Tempest etc
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