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  1. 09-19-2020, 11:15 AM
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    Great catch! Its been so darned long that I dont even remember what is even involved in getting verified.
    I can confirm that getting verfied has allowed me to reply and quote as you can see. I found the setting in my profile and confirmed a code via my mobile.

    So, now I think I might be stuffed. I'm using MAME 2003 which is v078 rom set via Retroarch and EmulationStation on a Raspberry Pi3. I have read the posting rules which state you must include a video and .inp file or your submission will be rejected. I don't think I can create a .inp using the aformentioned setup because it is created from the command line. (I'm not using WolfMAME either which I believe is Windows based only). I'm hoping I am wrong so I'll continue to research.

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  2. 09-25-2020, 02:05 AM
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    i dont believe it takes any points to send messages, odds are you're "registered" but not "verified". not being verified will also prevent adjudicating and submitting scores.
    Hi Eveyone,

    Have recently acquired an old arcade cabinet and have installed MAME on it so I can play my old favourite arcade games. My nameis Sean, I'm 43 and I'm from Plymouth, Devon, England.
    Still reading up on how to get involved.
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