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  1. 07-03-2014, 06:00 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by 1500points View Post
    And once you are tired of that, try switching to difficulty 10. Hitting 1mil is a mastery skill. Hitting 10mil on diff 10 is an extreme mastery skill. (X-Master)

    Hitting even 750k on diff10/50k bonus/3man start is an extreme mastery skill, called VKE (VidKidz Extreme).
    You forgot one: 1-man score on default settings (diff 5). My first and best attempt yielded 223,350.
  2. reset bug two days in a row

    07-04-2014, 07:39 AM
    Thanks for the words of encouragement + great vid link. I'd love to try those other Robotron challenges as soon as I fight my way across the 10,000,000 point line marathon style.

    Lucky me: I went back to the arcade yesterday and got zapped by the reset gremlin again on my first game since the last enforcer glitch the other day. This one happened around 4.9 million points. I had 20+ men in reserve, hadn't dipped below 8 men from the start, and was ready to play till I dropped.

    This was the first time I "saw" the bug play out. I had one last enforcer that was moving down along the left wall, and all of a sudden it stopped shooting candy at me and looked like it had overlapped the outer wall a bit (it spun there for an instant like it was "stuck").

    I was trapped by a bunch of hulks and running out of space, so I was just shooting down diagonally along the wall at this last enemy (even tho I am now trying hard to always shoot on the vert or horiz if enforcers are on the wall to avoid resets if I can). When the enforcer got "stuck" all the shots on the screen vanished except my last diag kill shot (that never made it before the carpet rolled in).

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  3. 07-04-2014, 08:55 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by SanTe View Post
    You forgot one: 1-man score on default settings (diff 5). My first and best attempt yielded 223,350.
    very true. I was just trying to keep in the marathon vein of thought since some players don't consider the limited men variations as playing the game as intended.

    I try to keep a running tab on scores here, hosted by Mr. House. Looks like Johnny Mac has a whopping 270k first man on diff 10. insane! that's roughly getting through 10 waves with perfection of getting mikeys. :)

    PS- Jerky. the whole robo community uses the patched blue rom for any serious play nowadays, the 1982 romsets are purely novelty, heck even David switched to patched blue after getting reset at 60mil on his 100mil attempt. It is easy to get new roms burned by a place like The arcade might find that a valuable investment. And if they are already running the 1982 blue roms, it only requires swapping out 2 rom chips for the patch code.
    I can't find the link to Sean Riddle's original download at the moment but the patch set is here-
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  4. 07-05-2014, 10:11 AM
    The arcade I am playing at doesn't own the actual cabaret model on the floor at the moment but I will see if they can pass the "mod" info over to the original owner (thx for the tip).

    The High Scores Arcade owners are really tech savvy + they listen to their gamers (no prob swapping rom chips for them). I bet they would be into tracking down their own patched version or doing it themselves to their own game/the current one on the floor. They are pretty serious about catering to the needs of gamers going for high scores/records (fingers crossed).

  5. 07-06-2014, 06:46 AM
    that's great they are willing to address it.
    The patch updates were done inhouse at Williams by Larry DeMar in 1987. They weren't officially given out, by Eugene Jarvis, until Digital Eclipse came asking for use in their Williams PC release. So the 1987 Romset (patched blue) only exists if one burns new roms. You won't find that fix on any original romboards from 1982 unless a hobbyist happened to replace roms around 2010 and later.

    Funfact- TG currently supports this same 1987 romset through the XBox360 Robotron track. I doubt most folks including TG realized that the romset was patched on that port.

    UPDATE- Check out David G (smoke4659) blasting out over 10mil on diff 10/25k bonus/3man start on real hardware with the blue patched romset-
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