Curious about physical size of AES games...

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  1. Curious about physical size of AES games...

    02-09-2011, 12:40 PM
    I see people talking about the physical size of the games but I have never personally seen one in front of me and I'm just wondering what size the games actually are. I am thinking about buying an AES system once I get my traditional birthday money in April and also like suggestions on the best games to get without having to sell antique furniture to pay for them. In the arcade, Samurai Showdown 2 was one of my favorite games and Metal Slug was pretty awesome for the time. I probably dropped enough quarters in those machines to buy a system nowadays. I recall the systems being close to $800 and games about $200 each at Electronics Boutique waaaaaay back when. Back then I thought "What if a $200 game sucks? Then you're out $200 with a sucky game". The Turbo-Grafx Express portable unit was high-dollar back then too, but I digress. I've been browsing eBay (ePay) as research on the Neo Geo. NAM '75 seems pretty cheap, as $20 cheap goes.
    I figure this is the place to go and ask for advice due to the fact that I trust everyone's opinion on here. Well, 99% of the opinions. :P
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